Henry Railo
Henry Railo
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Tracking the processes behind conscious perception: a review of event-related potential correlates of visual consciousness
H Railo, M Koivisto, A Revonsuo
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The role of attention in subitizing
H Railo, M Koivisto, A Revonsuo, MM Hannula
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Recurrent processing in V1/V2 contributes to categorization of natural scenes
M Koivisto, H Railo, A Revonsuo, S Vanni, N Salminen-Vaparanta
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Retinotopic maps, spatial tuning, and locations of human visual areas in surface coordinates characterized with multifocal and blocked FMRI designs
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Transcranial magnetic stimulation of early visual cortex interferes with subjective visual awareness and objective forced-choice performance
M Koivisto, H Railo, N Salminen-Vaparanta
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Two means of suppressing visual awareness: a direct comparison of visual masking and transcranial magnetic stimulation
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Who is afraid of the invisible snake? Subjective visual awareness modulates posterior brain activity for evolutionarily threatening stimuli
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Psychological essentialism and semantic externalism: Evidence for externalism in lay speakers’ language use
J Jylkkä, H Railo, J Haukioja
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Unconscious response priming by shape depends on geniculostriate visual projection
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H Railo, M Koivisto
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Behavioral and electrophysiological evidence for fast emergence of visual consciousness
H Railo, A Revonsuo, M Koivisto
Neuroscience of Consciousness 2015 (1), 2015
Early processing in primary visual cortex is necessary for conscious and unconscious vision while late processing is necessary only for conscious vision in neurologically …
M Hurme, M Koivisto, A Revonsuo, H Railo
Neuroimage 150, 230-238, 2017
Unconscious and conscious processing of color rely on activity in early visual cortex: a TMS study
H Railo, N Salminen-Vaparanta, L Henriksson, A Revonsuo, M Koivisto
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Visual features and perceptual context modulate attention towards evolutionarily relevant threatening stimuli: Electrophysiological evidence.
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Overlapping activity periods in early visual cortex and posterior intraparietal area in conscious visual shape perception: a TMS study
M Koivisto, M Lähteenmäki, V Kaasinen, R Parkkola, H Railo
Neuroimage 84, 765-774, 2014
Unlike in clinical blindsight patients, unconscious processing of chromatic information depends on early visual cortex in healthy humans
H Railo, E Andersson, V Kaasinen, T Laine, M Koivisto
Brain Stimulation 7 (3), 415-420, 2014
Rapid and accurate processing of multiple objects in briefly presented scenes
H Railo, VM Karhu, J Mast, H Pesonen, M Koivisto
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Right visual field advantage for perceived contrast: Correlation with an auditory bias and handedness
H Railo, J Tallus, H Hämäläinen
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V1 activity during feedforward and early feedback processing is necessary for both conscious and unconscious motion perception
M Hurme, M Koivisto, A Revonsuo, H Railo
NeuroImage 185, 313-321, 2019
Bilateral and two-item advantage in subitizing
H Railo
Vision Research 103, 41-48, 2014
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