Brodie J Foster
Brodie J Foster
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Ecological gradients drive insect wing loss and speciation: the role of the alpine treeline
GA McCulloch, BJ Foster, L Dutoit, T Ingram, E Hay, AJ Veale, ...
Molecular Ecology, 2019
Genomics reveals widespread ecological speciation in flightless insects
GA McCulloch, BJ Foster, L Dutoit, TWR Harrop, J Guhlin, PK Dearden, ...
Systematic Biology 70 (5), 863-876, 2021
Genotyping-by-sequencing supports a genetic basis for wing reduction in an alpine New Zealand stonefly
AJ Veale, BJ Foster, PK Dearden, JM Waters
Scientific Reports 8 (1), 16275, 2018
Genomic signatures of inbreeding in a critically endangered parrot, the kākāpō
Y Foster, L Dutoit, S Grosser, N Dussex, BJ Foster, KG Dodds, R Brauning, ...
G3 11 (11), jkab307, 2021
Insect wing loss is tightly linked to the treeline: evidence from a diverse stonefly assemblage
GA McCulloch, BJ Foster, T Ingram, JM Waters
Ecography 42 (4), 811-813, 2019
Repeated Alpine Flight Loss Within the Widespread New Zealand Stonefly Nesoperla fulvescens Hare (Plecoptera: Gripopterygidae)
GA McCulloch, BJ Foster, L Dutoit, JM Waters
Insect Systematics and Diversity 6 (6), 1, 2022
Anthropogenic evolution in an insect wing polymorphism following widespread deforestation
BJ Foster, GA McCulloch, MFS Vogel, T Ingram, JM Waters
Biology Letters 17 (8), 20210069, 2021
Evidence for aposematism in a southern hemisphere stonefly family (Plecoptera: Austroperlidae)
BJ Foster, GA McCulloch, JM Waters
Austral Entomology, 2021
Trichogramma species in Samoa and their potential as biological control agents against the large cabbage moth, Crocidolomia pavonana
BJ Foster, JP Hereward, A Uelese, GH Walter, MJ Furlong
Biological Control 164, 104781, 2021
Zelandoperla maungatuaensis sp. n. (Plecoptera: Gripopterygidae), a new flightless stonefly species from Otago, New Zealand
BJ Foster, GA McCulloch, JM Waters
New Zealand Journal of Zoology, 2020
Tiny insects against the weather ‐ flight and foraging patterns of Frankliniella schultzei (Thripidae) not altered by onset of rainfall
LC Jones, BJ Foster, MA Rafter, GH Walter
Insect Science 25 (6), 1119-112, 2017
Adaptive evolution of olfactory degeneration in recently flightless insects
S Neupert, GA McCulloch, BJ Foster, JM Waters, P Szyszka
bioRxiv, 2020.04. 10.035311, 2020
Reduced olfactory acuity in recently flightless insects suggests rapid regressive evolution
S Neupert, GA McCulloch, BJ Foster, JM Waters, P Szyszka
BMC ecology and evolution 22 (1), 1-9, 2022
Phylogeography reveals a North Island range extension for New Zealand's only sexually wing-dimorphic stonefly (Stenoperla helsoni)
GA McCulloch, BJ Foster, JM Waters
New Zealand Journal of Zoology 46 (3), 253-260, 2019
ebony underpins Batesian mimicry in melanic stoneflies
BJ Foster, GA McCulloch, Y Foster, GC Kroos, TM King, JM Waters
Molecular Ecology 32 (18), 4986-4998, 2023
Ebony underpins Batesian mimicry in an insect melanic polymorphism
BJ Foster, GA McCulloch, Y Foster, GC Kroos, JM Waters
bioRxiv, 2022
Insights into the evolution of insect flight loss and melanism from a polymorphic stonefly
BJ Foster
University of Otago, 2022
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