Ann-Marie Waldvogel (née Oppold)
Ann-Marie Waldvogel (née Oppold)
Institute of Zoology, University of Cologne, Germany
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Evolutionary genomics can improve prediction of species’ responses to climate change
AM Waldvogel, B Feldmeyer, G Rolshausen, M Exposito‐Alonso, ...
Evolution letters 4 (1), 4-18, 2020
Support for the evolutionary speed hypothesis from intraspecific population genetic data in the non-biting midge Chironomus riparius
AM Oppold, JAM Pedrosa, M Bálint, JB Diogo, J Ilkova, JLT Pestana, ...
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The genomic footprint of climate adaptation in Chironomus riparius
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Direct estimation of the spontaneous mutation rate by short‐term mutation accumulation lines in Chironomus riparius
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Cold tolerance of the Asian tiger mosquito Aedes albopictus and its response to epigenetic alterations
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Chironomus riparius (Diptera) genome sequencing reveals the impact of minisatellite transposable elements on population divergence
AM Oppold, H Schmidt, M Rose, SL Hellmann, F Dolze, F Ripp, B Weich, ...
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Rapid adaptation to high temperatures in Chironomus riparius
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Epigenetics: a hidden target of insecticides
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Phenotypic and epigenetic effects of vinclozolin in the gastropod Physella acuta
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Prey preferences in captivity of the freshwater crab Potamonautes lirrangensis from Lake Malawi with special emphasis on molluscivory
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Establishing laboratory cultures and performing ecological and evolutionary experiments with the emerging model species Chironomus riparius
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Journal of Applied Entomology 143 (5), 584-592, 2019
Long-term effects of the fungicide pyrimethanil on aquatic primary producers in macrophyte-dominated outdoor mesocosms in two European ecoregions
R Müller, C Shinn, AM Waldvogel, J Oehlmann, R Ribeiro, ...
Science of the Total Environment 665, 982-994, 2019
Direct estimation of the spontaneous mutation rate by short-term mutation accumulation lines in Chironomus riparius. Evolution Letters, 1, 86–92
AM Oppold, M Pfenninger
Climate Change Genomics Calls for Standardized Data Reporting
AM Waldvogel, D Schreiber, M Pfenninger, B Feldmeyer
Coping with Climate Change: A Genomic Perspective on Thermal Adaptation, 2021
An experimental assessment of reproductive isolation and its consequences for seasonal hybridization dynamics
Q Foucault, A Wieser, C Heumann-Kiesler, J Diogo, B Cocchiararo, ...
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Measuring mutagenicity in ecotoxicology: A case study of Cd exposure in Chironomus riparius
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Environmental Pollution 272, 116004, 2021
Temperature-dependence of spontaneous mutation rates
AM Waldvogel, M Pfenninger
bioRxiv, 2020
Mechanismen der genomischen Populationsdivergenz in" Chironomus Riparius" entlang eines Klimagradienten
AM Oppold
Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main, 2017
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