Sidra Iftekhar
Sidra Iftekhar
Post-doctoral Researcher, UEF/Assistant Professor, UET
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Understanding the factors affecting the adsorption of Lanthanum using different adsorbents: a critical review
S Iftekhar, DL Ramasamy, V Srivastava, MB Asif, M Sillanpää
Chemosphere 204, 413-430, 2018
Degradation and mineralization of phenol in aqueous medium by heterogeneous monopersulfate activation on nanostructured cobalt based-perovskite catalysts ACoO3 (A= La, Ba, Sr …
SB Hammouda, F Zhao, Z Safaei, V Srivastava, DL Ramasamy, S Iftekhar, ...
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 215, 60-73, 2017
Synthesis and application of LDH intercalated cellulose nanocomposite for separation of rare earth elements (REEs)
S Iftekhar, V Srivastava, M Sillanpää
Chemical Engineering Journal 309, 130-139, 2017
Enrichment of lanthanides in aqueous system by cellulose based silica nanocomposite
S Iftekhar, V Srivastava, M Sillanpää
Chemical Engineering Journal 320, 151-159, 2017
Application of zinc-aluminium layered double hydroxides for adsorptive removal of phosphate and sulfate: equilibrium, kinetic and thermodynamic
S Iftekhar, ME Küçük, V Srivastava, E Repo, M Sillanpää
Chemosphere 209, 470-479, 2018
Synthesis of novel GA-g-PAM/SiO2 nanocomposite for the recovery of rare earth elements (REE) ions from aqueous solution
S Iftekhar, V Srivastava, A Casas, M Sillanpää
Journal of Cleaner Production 170, 251-259, 2018
Fabrication of novel metal ion imprinted xanthan gum-layered double hydroxide nanocomposite for adsorption of rare earth elements
S Iftekhar, V Srivastava, SB Hammouda, M Sillanpää
Carbohydrate polymers 194, 274-284, 2018
N-and O-ligand doped mesoporous silica-chitosan hybrid beads for the efficient, sustainable and selective recovery of rare earth elements (REE) from acid mine drainage (AMD …
DL Ramasamy, V Puhakka, S Iftekhar, A Wojtuś, E Repo, SB Hammouda, ...
Journal of hazardous materials 348, 84-91, 2018
Functionalization of polymers and nanomaterials for water treatment, food packaging, textile and biomedical applications: A review
P Makvandi, S Iftekhar, F Pizzetti, A Zarepour, EN Zare, M Ashrafizadeh, ...
Environmental Chemistry Letters 19 (1), 583-611, 2021
Influence of relaxation modes on membrane fouling in submerged membrane bioreactor for domestic wastewater treatment
R Habib, MB Asif, S Iftekhar, Z Khan, K Gurung, V Srivastava, M Sillanpää
Chemosphere 181, 19-25, 2017
Fabrication of carbon nanotubes reinforced silica composites with improved rare earth elements adsorption performance
DL Ramasamy, V Puhakka, B Doshi, S Iftekhar, M Sillanpää
Chemical Engineering Journal 365, 291-304, 2019
Efficient heterogeneous electro-Fenton incineration of a contaminant of emergent concern-cotinine-in aqueous medium using the magnetic double perovskite oxide Sr2FeCuO6 as a …
SB Hammouda, C Salazar, F Zhao, DL Ramasamy, E Laklova, S Iftekhar, ...
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 240, 201-214, 2019
Modification of ZnIn2S4 by anthraquinone-2-sulfonate doped polypyrrole as acceptor-donor system for enhanced photocatalytic degradation of tetracycline
B Gao, Z Safaei, I Babu, S Iftekhar, E Iakovleva, V Srivastava, B Doshi, ...
Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry 348, 150-160, 2017
Major ion chemistry of the Teesta River in Sikkim Himalaya, India: Chemical weathering and assessment of water quality
T Tsering, MSMA Wahed, S Iftekhar, M Sillanpää
Journal of Hydrology: Regional Studies 24, 100612, 2019
Synthesis of novel adsorbent by intercalation of biopolymer in LDH for the removal of arsenic from synthetic and natural water
H Bessaies, S Iftekhar, B Doshi, J Kheriji, MC Ncibi, V Srivastava, ...
Journal of Environmental Sciences 91, 246-261, 2020
Cytotoxic aquatic pollutants and their removal by nanocomposite-based sorbents
V Srivastava, EN Zare, P Makvandi, X Zheng, S Iftekhar, A Wu, VVT Padil, ...
Chemosphere 258, 127324, 2020
Fabrication of Sb2O3/PbO photocatalyst for the UV/PMS assisted degradation of carbamazepine from synthetic wastewater
Z Wang, V Srivastava, S Iftekhar, I Ambat, M Sillanpää
Chemical Engineering Journal 354, 663-671, 2018
A novel approach for synthesis of exfoliated biopolymeric-LDH hybrid nanocomposites via in-stiu coprecipitation with gum Arabic: Application towards REEs recovery
S Iftekhar, V Srivastava, DL Ramasamy, WA Naseer, M Sillanpää
Chemical Engineering Journal 347, 398-406, 2018
Effect of different co-solvents on biodiesel production from various low-cost feedstocks using Sr–Al double oxides
I Ambat, V Srivastava, S Iftekhar, E Haapaniemi, M Sillanpää
Renewable Energy 146, 2158-2169, 2020
Investigation of textural properties and photocatalytic activity of PbO/TiO2 and Sb2O3/TiO2 towards the photocatalytic degradation Benzophenone-3 UV filter
Z Wang, A Deb, V Srivastava, S Iftekhar, I Ambat, M Sillanpää
Separation and Purification Technology 228, 115763, 2019
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