Sven Curtze
Sven Curtze
Tampere University of Technology
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Dependence of tensile deformation behavior of TWIP steels on stacking fault energy, temperature and strain rate
S Curtze, VT Kuokkala
Acta materialia 58 (15), 5129-5141, 2010
Thermodynamic modeling of the stacking fault energy of austenitic steels
S Curtze, VT Kuokkala, A Oikari, J Talonen, H Hänninen
Acta Materialia 59 (3), 1068-1076, 2011
Deformation behavior of TRIP and DP steels in tension at different temperatures over a wide range of strain rates
S Curtze, VT Kuokkala, M Hokka, P Peura
Materials Science and Engineering: A 507 (1-2), 124-131, 2009
Stability of austenite and quasi-adiabatic heating during high-strain-rate deformation of twinning-induced plasticity steels
P Sahu, S Curtze, A Das, B Mahato, VT Kuokkala, SG Chowdhury
Scripta Materialia 62 (1), 5-8, 2010
Characterization of strain rate and temperature dependent mechanical behavior of TWIP steels
M Hokka, VT Kuokkala, S Curtze, T Vuoristo, M Apostol
Journal de Physique IV (Proceedings) 134, 1301-1306, 2006
Effects of temperature and strain rate on the tensile properties of twip steels
S Curtze, VT Kuokkala
Matéria (Rio de Janeiro) 15, 157-163, 2010
Step down vascular calcification analysis using state-of-the-art nanoanalysis techniques
SC Curtze, M Kratz, M Steinert, S Vogt
Scientific reports 6 (1), 23285, 2016
An optical method for the in-vivo characterization of the biomechanical response of the right ventricle
A Soltani, J Lahti, K Järvelä, S Curtze, J Laurikka, M Hokka, VT Kuokkala
Scientific reports 8 (1), 6831, 2018
Characterization of the dynamic behavior and microstructure evolution of high strength sheet steels
S Curtze
Tampere University of Technology, 2009
Experimental analysis of the influence of specimen geometry on the tensile Hopkinson split bar test results of sheet steels
S Curtze, M Hokka, VT Kuokkala, T Vuoristo
Materials Science & Technology, 2006, Conference and Exhibition, October 15 …, 2006
Dynamic tensile behaviour of TRIP and DP steels at different temperatures
M Hokka, VT Kuokkala, S Curtze
steel research international 80 (2), 137-145, 2009
Tensile HSB testing of sheet steels at different temperatures
M Hokka, S Curtze, VT Kuokkala
Proceedings of the SEM Annual Conference and Exposition on Experimental and …, 2007
Dynamic properties of new generation high-strength steels for armoring applications
S Curtze, M Kundu, VT Kuokkala, S Datta, PP Chattopadhyay
Proceedings of the 2008 SEM XI International Congress and Exposition on …, 2008
Dynamic response of high-manganese TWIP steels
M Hokka, S Curtze, VT Kuokkala, P Peura, R Oyj
Proceedings of the 2008 SEM XI international congress and exposition on …, 2008
Digital image correlation study of the deformation and functioning of the human heart during open-heart surgery
A Soltani, S Curtze, J Lahti, K Järvelä, J Laurikka, M Hokka, VT Kuokkala
Mechanics of Biological Systems, Materials and other topics in Experimental …, 2018
Method and arrangement for electromagnetic radiation based non-invasive monitoring of a performance of an anatomic object during an operation or medical intervention
M Hokka, S Curtze, VT Kuokkala
US Patent App. 15/431,331, 2018
Dynamic Thermo-Mechanical Response of Austenite Containing Steels
VT Kuokkala, S Curtze, M Isakov, M Hokka
Dynamic Behavior of Materials, Volume 1: Proceedings of the 2011 Annual …, 2011
Microstructure and texture evolution in high manganese TWIP steels
S Curtze, VT Kuokkala, M Hokka, T Saarinen
Dymat: 9th International Conference on the Mechanical and Physical Behaviour …, 2009
Dynamic behavior and numerical modeling of trip and dp steels at different termperatures
M Hokka, VT Kuokkala, S Curtze
Mechanics and Mechanism of Finite Plastic Deformation, Proceedings of …, 2008
Effects of composition, temperature and strain rate on the mechanical behavior of high-alloyed manganese steels
S Curtze, VT Kuokkala, M Hokka, P Peura, P Verleysen
Conference on New Developments on Metallurgy and Applications of High …, 2008
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