Brent D. Matthies
Brent D. Matthies
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Green, circular, bio economy: A comparative analysis of sustainability avenues
D D'Amato, N Droste, B Allen, M Kettunen, K Lähtinen, J Korhonen, ...
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An ecosystem service-dominant logic?–integrating the ecosystem service approach and the service-dominant logic
BD Matthies, D D'Amato, S Berghäll, T Ekholm, HF Hoen, J Holopainen, ...
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Risk, reward, and payments for ecosystem services: A portfolio approach to ecosystem services and forestland investment
BD Matthies, T Kalliokoski, T Ekholm, HF Hoen, LT Valsta
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Utilising portfolio theory in environmental research – New perspectives and considerations
BD Matthies, JB Jacobsen, T Knoke, C Paul, L Valsta
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Optimal forest species mixture with carbon storage and albedo effect for climate change mitigation
BD Matthies, LT Valsta
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Financial drivers of land use decisions: the case of smallholder woodlots in Amhara, Ethiopia
BD Matthies, AA Karimov
Land use policy 41, 474-483, 2014
Nudging service providers and assessing service trade-offs to reduce the social inefficiencies of payments for ecosystem services schemes
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Not so biocentric – Environmental benefits and harm associated with the acceptance of forest management objectives by future environmental professionals
BD Matthies, A Vainio, D D'Amato
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Circular bioeconomy: Actors and dynamics of knowledge co-production in Finland
D D'amato, K Korhonen-Kurki, V Lyytikainen, BD Matthies, ...
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J Caputo, D D’Amato, BD Matthies
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Accounting for multiple forcing factors and product substitution enforces the cooling effect of boreal forests
E Nikinmaa, T Kalliokoski, K Minkkinen, J Bäck, M Boy, Y Gao, ..., 2017
A service-dominant perspective on payments for ecosystem service offerings
B Matthies
University of Helsinki, 2016
Private Governance of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services: Findings From Nordic Forest Companies
D D'amato, BD Matthies, T Hahn, A Toppinen
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Current and future research themes in forest sector competitiveness: Case study of research orientations at the University of Helsinki
B Matthies, J Korhonen, A Toppinen
BioProducts Business, 87-106, 2020
Ecosystem service markets: mechanisms, challenges and the future
B Matthies
How private finance can raise efficiency in conservation markets
BD Matthies, J Laininen
Environmental Finance, 2017
Comprehensive radiative forcing assesment highlights trade-offs in climate mitigation potential of managed boreal forests
T Kalliokoski, F Berninger, J Bäck, M Boy, N Kuusinen, A Mäkelä, ...
EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts, EPSC2016-12075, 2016
The Climate Mitigation Potential of Managed Boreal Forests Exceeds Their Carbon Store Effect
T Kalliokoski, E Nikinmaa, K Minkkinen, BD Matthies, JK Back, M Boy, ...
AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 2015, B31A-0522, 2015
Bioenergy and Ecosystem service value co-creation: Mapping and analyzing the Finnish wood-based bioenergy value network
BD Matthies, S Berghäll, D D'Amato, L Valsta, T Ekholm, HF Hoen, ...
FAO XIV World Forest Congress, 2015
Risk, Reward, and Payments for Ecosystem Services: A portfolio approach to ecosystem services
BD Matthies, T Kalliokoski, L Valsta, HF Hoen, T Ekholm
FAO XIV World Forest Congress, 2015
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