Li Ma
Li Ma
Hebei Normal University
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Deepgcns: Can gcns go as deep as cnns?
G Li, M Muller, A Thabet, B Ghanem
Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF International Conference on Computer Vision …, 2019
Coexistence of reentrant-spin-glass and ferromagnetic martensitic phases in the Mn2Ni1.6Sn0.4 Heusler alloy
L Ma, WH Wang, JB Lu, JQ Li, CM Zhen, DL Hou, GH Wu
Applied Physics Letters 99 (18), 182507, 2011
Magnetic-field-induced martensitic transformation in MnNiGa: Co alloys
L Ma, HW Zhang, SY Yu, ZY Zhu, JL Chen, GH Wu, HY Liu, JP Qu, YX Li
Applied Physics Letters 92 (3), 032509, 2008
Martensitic and magnetic transformation in Mn50Ni50−xSnx ferromagnetic shape memory alloys
L Ma, SQ Wang, YZ Li, CM Zhen, DL Hou, WH Wang, JL Chen, GH Wu
Journal of Applied Physics 112 (8), 083902, 2012
Sgas: Sequential greedy architecture search
G Li, G Qian, IC Delgadillo, M Muller, A Thabet, B Ghanem
Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern …, 2020
Magnetic-field-induced martensitic transformation in MnNiAl: Co alloys
L Feng, L Ma, EK Liu, GH Wu, WH Wang, WX Zhang
Applied Physics Letters 100 (15), 152401, 2012
Polymorphic magnetization and local ferromagnetic structure in Co-doped MnNiGa alloys
L Ma, WH Wang, CM Zhen, DL Hou, XD Tang, EK Liu, GH Wu
Physical Review B 84 (22), 224404, 2011
Martensitic transformation and magnetic domains in Mn50Ni40Sn10 studied by in-situ transmission electron microscopy
HF Tian, JB Lu, L Ma, HL Shi, HX Yang, GH Wu, JQ Li
Journal of Applied Physics 112 (3), 033904, 2012
Large and reversible inverse magnetocaloric effect in Ni48.1Co2.9Mn35.0In14.0 metamagnetic shape memory microwire
YH Qu, DY Cong, Z Chen, WY Gui, XM Sun, SH Li, L Ma, YD Wang
Applied Physics Letters 111 (19), 192412, 2017
Deepgcns: Making gcns go as deep as cnns
G Li, M Müller, G Qian, ICD Perez, A Abualshour, AK Thabet, B Ghanem
IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, 2021
Tuning antiferromagnetic exchange interaction for spontaneous exchange bias in MnNiSnSi system
L Jia, J Shen, M Li, X Wang, L Ma, C Zhen, D Hou, E Liu, W Wang, G Wu
APL Materials 5 (12), 126105, 2017
Magnetization jumps and exchange bias induced by a partially disordered antiferromagnetic state in (FeTiO3)0.9-(Fe2O3)0.1
P Song, GK Li, L Ma, CM Zhen, DL Hou, WH Wang, EK Liu, JL Chen, ...
Journal of applied physics 115 (21), 213907, 2014
Oil: Observational imitation learning
G Li, M Müller, V Casser, N Smith, DL Michels, B Ghanem
arXiv preprint arXiv:1803.01129, 2018
Anomalous magnetic configuration of Mn2NiAl ribbon and the role of hybridization in the martensitic transformation of Mn50Ni50−xAlx ribbons
RB Zhao, DW Zhao, GK Li, L Ma, CM Zhen, DL Hou, WH Wang, EK Liu, ...
Applied Physics Letters 105 (23), 232404, 2014
Enhanced antiferromagnetic interaction-induced spontaneous exchange bias in Mn50Ni40Sn10-xTix Heusler alloys
MM Li, JL Shen, X Wang, L Ma, GK Li, CM Zhen, DL Hou, M Wang
Intermetallics 96, 13-17, 2018
Design of anti-site disorder for tunable spontaneous exchange bias: Mn-Ni-Al alloys as a case
X Wang, MM Li, J Li, JY Yang, L Ma, CM Zhen, DL Hou, EK Liu, WH Wang, ...
Applied Physics Letters 113 (21), 212402, 2018
Magnetic-field-induced strain-glass-to-martensite transition in a Fe-Mn-Ga alloy
X Sun, D Cong, Y Ren, KD Liss, DE Brown, Z Ma, S Hao, W Xia, Z Chen, ...
Acta Materialia 183, 11-23, 2020
Tuning exchange bias by Co doping in Mn50Ni41−xSn9Cox melt-spun ribbons
DW Zhao, GK Li, SQ Wang, L Ma, CM Zhen, DL Hou, WH Wang, EK Liu, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 116 (10), 103910, 2014
Large exchange bias effect in the super spin glass state of Mn50Ni38Al12 alloy
H Pan, L Ma, GK Li, LY Jia, CM Zhen, DL Hou, WH Wang, EK Liu, ...
Intermetallics 86, 116-120, 2017
Origin of anomalous cryogenic magnetic behavior in a Ni-Mn-based magnetic shape memory alloy
XM Sun, DY Cong, KD Liss, YH Qu, L Ma, HL Suo, YD Wang
Applied Physics Letters 110 (13), 132402, 2017
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