Haohuan Fu
Haohuan Fu
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Finer resolution observation and monitoring of global land cover: First mapping results with Landsat TM and ETM+ data
P Gong, J Wang, L Yu, Y Zhao, Y Zhao, L Liang, Z Niu, X Huang, H Fu, ...
International Journal of Remote Sensing 34 (7), 2607-2654, 2013
The Sunway TaihuLight supercomputer: system and applications
H Fu, J Liao, J Yang, L Wang, Z Song, X Huang, C Yang, W Xue, F Liu, ...
Science China Information Sciences 59 (7), 1-16, 2016
Deep learning based oil palm tree detection and counting for high-resolution remote sensing images
W Li, H Fu, L Yu, A Cracknell
Remote Sensing 9 (1), 22, 2017
Stable classification with limited sample: Transferring a 30-m resolution sample set collected in 2015 to mapping 10-m resolution global land cover in 2017
B Chen, B Xu, Z Zhu, C Yuan, HP Suen, J Guo, N Xu, W Li, Y Zhao, ...
Sci. Bulletin 64 (6), 370-373, 2019
Managing nitrogen to restore water quality in China
CQ Yu, X Huang, H Chen, HCJ Godfray, JS Wright, JW Hall, P Gong, ...
Nature 567 (7749), 516-520, 2019
Stacked Autoencoder-based deep learning for remote-sensing image classification: a case study of African land-cover mapping
W Li, H Fu, L Yu, P Gong, D Feng, C Li, N Clinton
International journal of remote sensing 37 (23), 5632-5646, 2016
Beyond traditional microprocessors for geoscience high-performance computing applications
O Lindtjorn, R Clapp, O Pell, H Fu, M Flynn, O Mencer
Ieee Micro 31 (2), 41-49, 2011
Selecting the right hardware for reverse time migration
RG Clapp, H Fu, O Lindtjorn
The leading edge 29 (1), 48-58, 2010
10M-core scalable fully-implicit solver for nonhydrostatic atmospheric dynamics
C Yang, W Xue, H Fu, H You, X Wang, Y Ao, F Liu, L Gan, P Xu, L Wang, ...
SC'16: Proceedings of the International Conference for High Performance …, 2016
F-CNN: An FPGA-based framework for training convolutional neural networks
W Zhao, H Fu, W Luk, T Yu, S Wang, B Feng, Y Ma, G Yang
2016 IEEE 27Th international conference on application-specific systems …, 2016
A peta-scalable CPU-GPU algorithm for global atmospheric simulations
C Yang, W Xue, H Fu, L Gan, L Li, Y Xu, Y Lu, J Sun, G Yang, W Zheng
ACM SIGPLAN Notices 48 (8), 1-12, 2013
9-Pflops nonlinear earthquake simulation on Sunway TaihuLight: enabling depiction of 18-Hz and 8-meter scenarios
H Fu, C He, B Chen, Z Yin, Z Zhang, W Zhang, T Zhang, W Xue, W Liu, ...
Proceedings of the International Conference for High Performance Computing …, 2017
Enabling and scaling a global shallow-water atmospheric model on Tianhe-2
W Xue, C Yang, H Fu, X Wang, Y Xu, L Gan, Y Lu, X Zhu
2014 IEEE 28th international parallel and distributed processing symposium …, 2014
Understanding data characteristics and access patterns in a cloud storage system
S Liu, X Huang, H Fu, G Yang
2013 13th IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Cluster, Cloud, and Grid …, 2013
Ultra-scalable CPU-MIC acceleration of mesoscale atmospheric modeling on Tianhe-2
W Xue, C Yang, H Fu, X Wang, Y Xu, J Liao, L Gan, Y Lu, R Ranjan, ...
IEEE Transactions on Computers 64 (8), 2382-2393, 2014
Efficient construction of connected dominating set in wireless ad hoc networks
B Han, HH Fu, L Lin, W Jia
2004 IEEE International Conference on Mobile Ad-hoc and Sensor Systems (IEEE …, 2004
Mic-svm: Designing a highly efficient support vector machine for advanced modern multi-core and many-core architectures
Y You, SL Song, H Fu, A Marquez, MM Dehnavi, K Barker, KW Cameron, ...
2014 IEEE 28th International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium …, 2014
swdnn: A library for accelerating deep learning applications on sunway taihulight
J Fang, H Fu, W Zhao, B Chen, W Zheng, G Yang
2017 IEEE International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium (IPDPS …, 2017
Large-scale oil palm tree detection from high-resolution satellite images using two-stage convolutional neural networks
W Li, R Dong, H Fu, L Yu
Remote Sensing 11 (1), 11, 2019
FPGA designs with optimized logarithmic arithmetic
H Fu, O Mencer, W Luk
IEEE Transactions on Computers 59 (7), 1000-1006, 2010
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