Amelia J Armstrong
Amelia J Armstrong
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Research priorities to support effective manta and devil ray conservation
JD Stewart, FRA Jaine, AJ Armstrong, AO Armstrong, MB Bennett, ...
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Whale sharks target dense prey patches of sergestid shrimp off Tanzania
CA Rohner, AJ Armstrong, SJ Pierce, CEM Prebble, EF Cagua, ...
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Prey density threshold and tidal influence on reef manta ray foraging at an aggregation site on the Great Barrier Reef
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Photographic identification and citizen science combine to reveal long distance movements of individual reef manta rays Mobula alfredi along Australia’s east coast
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Rapid wound healing in a reef manta ray masks the extent of vessel strike
F McGregor, AJ Richardson, AJ Armstrong, AO Armstrong, CL Dudgeon
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Diving into the vertical dimension of elasmobranch movement ecology
S Andrzejaczek, TCD Lucas, MC Goodman, NE Hussey, AJ Armstrong, ...
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SK Venables, AD Marshall, AJ Armstrong, JL Tomkins, WJ Kennington
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Mutualism promotes site selection in a large marine planktivore
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Citizen science photographic identification of marine megafauna populations in the Moreton Bay Marine Park
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E Humble, J Hosegood, G Carvalho, M de Bruyn, S Creer, GMW Stevens, ...
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The molecular and spatial ecology of manta rays in Australia
AJ Armstrong
The Australian Zooplankton Database (1938 onwards)
CH Davies, AJ Armstrong, M Baird, F Coman, S Edgar, D Gaughan, ...
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