Claudia Marzi
Claudia Marzi
Institute for Computational Linguistics - Italian National Research Council - ILC-CNR
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Computational complexity of abstractive morphology
CM V Pirrelli, M Ferro
Understanding and measuring morphological complexity - Matthew Baerman …, 2015
A self-organizing model of word storage and processing: implications for morphology learning
M Ferro, C Marzi, V Pirrelli
Lingue e linguaggio 10 (2), 209-226, 2011
Morphological structure through lexical parsability
C Marzi, M Ferro, V Pirrelli
Lingue e Linguaggio 13 (2), 263-290, 2014
Word alignment and paradigm induction
C Marzi, M Ferro, V Pirrelli
Lingue e linguaggio 11 (2), 251-0, 2012
A Neuro-Computational Approach to Understanding the Mental Lexicon
C Marzi, V Pirrelli
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Effects of frequency and regularity in an integrative model of word storage and processing
C Marzi, M Ferro, FA Cardillo, V Pirrelli
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Prediction and generalisation in word processing and storage
C Marzi, M Ferro, V Pirrelli
Proceedings of the 8th Mediterranean Morphology Meeting on "Morphology and …, 2012
A terminology-based re-definition of grey literature
C Marzi, G Pardelli, M Sassi
GL12 Conference Proceedings, 27-31, 2011
Evaluating Hebbian Self-Organizing Memories for Lexical Representation and Access.
C Marzi, M Ferro, C Caudai, V Pirrelli
LREC, 886-893, 2012
Evaluating inflectional complexity crosslinguistically: a processing perspective
C Marzi, M Ferro, O Nahli, P Belik, S Bompolas, V Pirrelli
Proceedings of the Eleventh International Conference on Language Resources …, 2018
Discriminative word learning is sensitive to inflectional entropy
M Ferro, C Marzi, V Pirrelli
Lingue e linguaggio 17 (2), 307-327, 2018
Two-dimensional Wordlikeness Effects in Lexical Organisation
V Pirrelli, C Marzi, M Ferro
Proceedings of the First Italian Conference on Computational Linguistic, 301-305, 2014
Psychocomputational modelling of the mental lexicon. A discriminative learning perspective
V Pirrelli, C Marzi, M Ferro, RH Baayen, P Milin
Word knowledge and word usage: a cross-disciplinary guide to the mental …, 2020
Combining Electrodermal Activity and Speech Analysis towards a more Accurate Emotion Recognition System
A Greco, C Marzi, A Lanata, EP Scilingo, N Vanello
2019 41st Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in …, 2019
Readlet: Reading for understanding
M Ferro, C Cappa, S Giulivi, C Marzi, O Nahli, FA Cardillo, V Pirrelli
2018 IEEE 5th International Congress on Information Science and Technology …, 2018
Knowledge Communities in Grey'
C Marzi
The Grey Journal 8 (1), 27-33, 2012
A processing-oriented investigation of inflectional complexity
C Marzi, M Ferro, V Pirrelli
Frontiers in Communication 4, 48, 2019
Deep Learning of Inflection and the Cell-Filling Problem
FA Cardillo, M Ferro, C Marzi, V Pirrelli
Italian Journal of Computational Linguistics 4 (1), 57-75, 2018
Models and dynamics of the morphological lexicon in mono- and bilingual acquisition
C Marzi
PhD Dissertation. University of Pavia …, 2014
Inflection at the morphology-syntax interface
C Marzi, JP Blevins, G Booij, V Pirrelli
Word Knowledge and Word Usage, 228, 2020
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