Francesco Fedele
Francesco Fedele
Associate Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology
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Wave-height distributions and nonlinear effects
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F Fedele, F Arena
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F Fedele, JP Laible, MJ Eppstein
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F Fedele
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F Fedele
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F Fedele
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F Fedele, C Lugni, A Chawla
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Properties of Defect Modes in One‐Dimensional Optically Induced Photonic Lattices
F Fedele, J Yang, Z Chen
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Wave climate of the Adriatic Sea: a future scenario simulation
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Nonlinear Schrödinger invariants and wave statistics
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A comparison of exact and approximate adjoint sensitivities in fluorescence tomography
MJ Eppstein, F Fedele, J Laible, C Zhang, A Godavarty, ...
IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging 22 (10), 1215-1223, 2003
Geometric numerical schemes for the KdV equation
D Dutykh, M Chhay, F Fedele
Computational Mathematics and Mathematical Physics 53, 221-236, 2013
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