Carlo Massaroni
Carlo Massaroni
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Contact-based methods for measuring respiratory rate
C Massaroni, A Nicolò, D Lo Presti, M Sacchetti, S Silvestri, E Schena
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Medical smart textiles based on fiber optic technology: an overview
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Flow measurement in mechanical ventilation: A review
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Smart textile based on fiber bragg grating sensors for respiratory monitoring: Design and preliminary trials
M Ciocchetti, C Massaroni, P Saccomandi, MA Caponero, A Polimadei, ...
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Respiratory frequency during exercise: the neglected physiological measure
A Nicolò, C Massaroni, L Passfield
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Smart textile for respiratory monitoring and thoraco‐abdominal motion pattern evaluation
C Massaroni, C Venanzi, AP Silvatti, D Lo Presti, P Saccomandi, ...
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Smart textile based on 12 fiber Bragg gratings array for vital signs monitoring
DL Presti, C Massaroni, D Formica, P Saccomandi, F Giurazza, ...
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Optoelectronic plethysmography in clinical practice and research: a review
C Massaroni, E Carraro, A Vianello, S Miccinilli, M Morrone, IK Levai, ...
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Wearable system based on flexible FBG for respiratory and cardiac monitoring
DL Presti, C Massaroni, J D’Abbraccio, L Massari, M Caponero, ...
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Emerging clinical applications of computed tomography
C Liguori, G Frauenfelder, C Massaroni, P Saccomandi, F Giurazza, ...
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Design and feasibility assessment of a magnetic resonance-compatible smart textile based on fiber Bragg grating sensors for respiratory monitoring
C Massaroni, P Saccomandi, D Formica, DL Presti, MA Caponero, ...
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Contactless monitoring of breathing patterns and respiratory rate at the pit of the neck: A single camera approach
C Massaroni, DS Lopes, D Lo Presti, E Schena, S Silvestri
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Fiber Bragg grating measuring system for simultaneous monitoring of temperature and humidity in mechanical ventilation
C Massaroni, MA Caponero, R D’Amato, D Lo Presti, E Schena
Sensors 17 (4), 749, 2017
A needle-like probe for temperature monitoring during laser ablation based on FBG: manufacturing and characterization
D Polito, MA Caponero, A Polimadei, P Saccomandi, C Massaroni, ...
Journal of Medical Devices, 2015
Detection of thermal gradients through fiber-optic Chirped Fiber Bragg Grating (CFBG): Medical thermal ablation scenario
S Korganbayev, Y Orazayev, S Sovetov, A Bazyl, E Schena, C Massaroni, ...
Optical Fiber Technology 41, 48-55, 2018
Multidimensional outcome measure of selective dorsal rhizotomy in spastic cerebral palsy
E Carraro, S Zeme, V Ticcinelli, C Massaroni, M Santin, P Peretta, ...
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Smart textile based on piezoresistive sensing elements for respiratory monitoring
C Massaroni, J Di Tocco, DL Presti, UG Longo, S Miccinilli, S Sterzi, ...
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Non-contact monitoring of breathing pattern and respiratory rate via RGB signal measurement
C Massaroni, D Lo Presti, D Formica, S Silvestri, E Schena
Sensors 19 (12), 2758, 2019
Experimental assessment of a variable orifice flowmeter for respiratory monitoring
G Tardi, C Massaroni, P Saccomandi, E Schena
Journal of Sensors 2015, 2015
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