Ioannis E. Venetis
Ioannis E. Venetis
Department of Computer Engineering and Informatics, University of Patras
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MRISIMUL: a GPU-based parallel approach to MRI simulations
CG Xanthis, IE Venetis, AV Chalkias, AH Aletras
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A scalability benchmark suite for Erlang/OTP
S Aronis, N Papaspyrou, K Roukounaki, K Sagonas, Y Tsiouris, IE Venetis
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Mobile agent itinerary planning for WSN data fusion: considering multiple sinks and heterogeneous networks
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High performance MRI simulations of motion on multi-GPU systems
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Energy-efficient multiple itinerary planning for mobile agents-based data aggregation in WSNs
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Porting FEASTFLOW to the Intel Xeon Phi: lessons learned
I Venetis, G Goumas, M Geveler, D Ribbrock
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IE Venetis, A Kouris, A Sobczyk, E Gallopoulos, AH Sameh
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Dynamic Percolation: A case of study on the shortcomings of traditional optimization in Many-core Architectures
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Optimizing the LU Benchmark for the Cyclops-64 Architecture
IE Venetis, GR Gao
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Benchmarking mobile agent itinerary planning algorithms for data aggregation on WSNs
IE Venetis, G Pantziou, D Gavalas, C Konstantopoulos
2014 sixth international conference on ubiquitous and future networks (ICUFN …, 2014
A general tridiagonal solver for coprocessors: Adapting g-Spike for the Intel Xeon Phi
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Achieving Multiprogramming Scalability of Parallel Programs on Intel SMP Platforms: Nanothreading in the Linux Kernel
DS Nikolopoulos, CD Antonopoulos, IE Venetis, PE Hadjidoukas, ...
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Dynamic percolation-mapping dense matrix multiplication on a many-core architecture
E Garcia, R Khan, K Livingston, IE Venetis, G Gao
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A transparent operating system infrastructure for embedding adaptability to thread-based programming models
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Mobile agents-based data aggregation in WSNs: benchmarking itinerary planning approaches
IE Venetis, D Gavalas, GE Pantziou, C Konstantopoulos
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Tying memory management to parallel programming models
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Efficient Dynamic Parallelism with OpenMP on Linux SMPs.
CD Antonopoulos, IE Venetis, DS Nikolopoulos, TS Papatheodorou
PDPTA, 2000
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