Manu Lahtinen
Manu Lahtinen
Senior Lecturer, Adjunct professor
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Tansy fruit mediated greener synthesis of silver and gold nanoparticles
SP Dubey, M Lahtinen, M Sillanpää
Process Biochemistry 45 (7), 1065-1071, 2010
Green synthesis and characterizations of silver and gold nanoparticles using leaf extract of Rosa rugosa
SP Dubey, M Lahtinen, M Sillanpää
Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 364 (1-3 …, 2010
Preparation and characterization of a novel chitosan/Al2O3/magnetite nanoparticles composite adsorbent for kinetic, thermodynamic and isotherm studies of Methyl Orange adsorption
B Tanhaei, A Ayati, M Lahtinen, M Sillanpää
Chemical engineering journal 259, 1-10, 2015
Bioprospective of Sorbus aucuparia leaf extract in development of silver and gold nanocolloids
SP Dubey, M Lahtinen, H Särkkä, M Sillanpää
Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces 80 (1), 26-33, 2010
Nonporous organic solids capable of dynamically resolving mixtures of diiodoperfluoroalkanes
P Metrangolo, Y Carcenac, M Lahtinen, T Pilati, K Rissanen, A Vij, ...
Science 323 (5920), 1461-1464, 2009
Development of iron oxide/activated carbon nanoparticle composite for the removal of Cr (VI), Cu (II) and Cd (II) ions from aqueous solution
M Jain, M Yadav, T Kohout, M Lahtinen, VK Garg, M Sillanpää
Water Resources and Industry 20, 54-74, 2018
Structural changes of cellulose crystallites induced by mercerisation in different solvent systems; determined by powder X-ray diffraction method
P Mansikkamäki, M Lahtinen, K Rissanen
Cellulose 12, 233-242, 2005
Metal Doping of Au25(SR)18 Clusters: Insights and Hindsights
W Fei, S Antonello, T Dainese, A Dolmella, M Lahtinen, K Rissanen, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 141 (40), 16033-16045, 2019
Dimensional encapsulation of I−⋯ I 2⋯ I− in an organic salt crystal matrix
A Abate, M Brischetto, G Cavallo, M Lahtinen, P Metrangolo, T Pilati, ...
Chemical communications 46 (16), 2724-2726, 2010
The conversion from cellulose I to cellulose II in NaOH mercerization performed in alcohol–water systems: An X-ray powder diffraction study
P Mansikkamäki, M Lahtinen, K Rissanen
Carbohydrate Polymers 68 (1), 35-43, 2007
Preparation and characterization of sodium iron titanate ion exchanger and its application in heavy metal removal from waste waters
MN Akieh, M Lahtinen, A Väisänen, M Sillanpää
Journal of Hazardous Materials 152 (2), 640-647, 2008
A new ionic liquid dimethyldinonylammonium bromide as a flow modifier for the simultaneous determination of eight carboxylates by capillary electrophoresis
PL Laamanen, S Busi, M Lahtinen, R Matilainen
Journal of Chromatography A 1095 (1-2), 164-171, 2005
Tetrameric and Dimeric [N⋅⋅⋅I+⋅⋅⋅N] Halogen‐Bonded Supramolecular Cages
L Turunen, A Peuronen, S Forsblom, E Kalenius, M Lahtinen, K Rissanen
Chemistry–A European Journal 23 (48), 11714-11718, 2017
A novel magnetic Preyssler acid grafted chitosan nano adsorbent: synthesis, characterization and adsorption activity
B Tanhaei, A Ayati, FF Bamoharram, M Lahtinen, M Sillanpää
Journal of Chemical Technology & Biotechnology 91 (5), 1452-1460, 2016
Stability of rare-earth oxychloride phases: bond valence study
J Hölsä, M Lahtinen, M Lastusaari, J Valkonen, J Viljanen
Journal of Solid State Chemistry 165 (1), 48-55, 2002
Ultrasound-assisted MnO2 catalyzed homolysis of peracetic acid for phenol degradation: The assessment of process chemistry and kinetics
EV Rokhina, K Makarova, M Lahtinen, EA Golovina, H Van As, J Virkutyte
Chemical engineering journal 221, 476-486, 2013
Bile acid amidoalcohols: simple organogelators
A Valkonen, M Lahtinen, E Virtanen, S Kaikkonen, E Kolehmainen
Biosensors and Bioelectronics 20 (6), 1233-1241, 2004
A magnetic mesoporous chitosan based core‐shells biopolymer for anionic dye adsorption: Kinetic and isothermal study and application of ANN
B Tanhaei, A Ayati, M Lahtinen, B Mahmoodzadeh Vaziri, M Sillanpää
Journal of Applied Polymer Science 133 (22), 2016
2, 2′: 6′, 2 ″-terpyridine trimethylplatinum (iv) iodide complexes as bifunctional halogen bond acceptors
BN Ghosh, M Lahtinen, E Kalenius, P Mal, K Rissanen
Crystal Growth & Design 16 (5), 2527-2534, 2016
Protocol for development of various plants leaves extract in single-pot synthesis of metal nanoparticles
SP Dubey, AD Dwivedi, M Lahtinen, C Lee, YN Kwon, M Sillanpaa
Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy 103, 134-142, 2013
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