Carmen Martínez Cruz
Carmen Martínez Cruz
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Ontologies versus relational databases: are they so different? A comparison
C Martinez-Cruz, IJ Blanco, MA Vila
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A model to represent users trust in recommender systems using ontologies and fuzzy linguistic modeling
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Sistema de gestión de bases de datos relacionales difusas multipropósito. Una ontología para la representación del conocimiento difuso
C Martínez Cruz
Granada: Universidad de Granada, 2008
About the Use of Ontologies for Fuzzy Knowledge Representation.
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Three main components of experience base in linguistic description of data
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Looking for Information in Fuzzy Relational Databases Accessible Via Web
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Monwatch: A fuzzy application to monitor the user behavior using wearable trackers
C Martínez-Cruz, JM Quero, JM Serrano, S Gramajo
2020 IEEE International Conference on Fuzzy Systems (FUZZ-IEEE), 1-8, 2020
A tool to perform semantic and imprecise queries on non-scalar data
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Integrating Ontologies and Fuzzy Logic to Represent User-Trustworthiness in Recommender Systems
CG Porcel Gallego, C Martínez Cruz, J Bernabé Moreno, ...
Elsevier, 2015
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