Randi Rotjan
Randi Rotjan
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Impact of coral predators on tropical reefs
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Selective predation by parrotfishes on the reef coral Porites astreoides
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Free-living tube worm endosymbionts found at deep-sea vents
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Ecological impacts of the 2015/16 El Niño in the central equatorial Pacific
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Thalassia testudinum as a potential vector for incorporating microplastics into benthic marine food webs
H Goss, J Jaskiel, R Rotjan
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Season, but not symbiont state, drives microbiome structure in the temperate coral Astrangia poculata
KH Sharp, ZA Pratte, AH Kerwin, RD Rotjan, FJ Stewart
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Predators selectively graze reproductive structures in a clonal marine organism
RD Rotjan, SM Lewis
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Patterns, dynamics and consequences of microplastic ingestion by the temperate coral, Astrangia poculata
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Social context of shell acquisition in Coenobita clypeatus hermit crabs
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Spatially distinct and regionally endemic Symbiodinium assemblages in the threatened Caribbean reef-building coral Orbicella faveolata
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Establishment, management, and maintenance of the phoenix islands protected area.
R Rotjan, R Jamieson, B Carr, L Kaufman, S Mangubhai, D Obura, ...
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Vacancy Chains Provide Aggregate Benefits To Coenobita clypeatus Hermit Crabs
SM Lewis, RD Rotjan
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Shipboard design and fabrication of custom 3D-printed soft robotic manipulators for the investigation of delicate deep-sea organisms
DM Vogt, KP Becker, BT Phillips, MA Graule, RD Rotjan, TM Shank, ...
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JL Dimond, AH Kerwin, R Rotjan, K Sharp, FJ Stewart, DJ Thornhill
Coral Reefs 32 (2), 401-409, 2013
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