Valentina Niccolucci
Valentina Niccolucci
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Ecological footprint: refining the carbon footprint calculation
MS Mancini, A Galli, V Niccolucci, D Lin, S Bastianoni, M Wackernagel, ...
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Assessing the global environmental consequences of economic growth through the Ecological Footprint: A focus on China and India
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M Bagliani, A Galli, V Niccolucci, N Marchettini
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A Galli, J Kitzes, P Wermer, M Wackernagel, V Niccolucci, E Tiezzi
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V Niccolucci, A Galli, J Kitzes, RM Pulselli, S Borsa, N Marchettini
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How deep is the footprint? A 3D representation
V Niccolucci, S Bastianoni, EBP Tiezzi, M Wackernagel, N Marchettini
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Towards a 3D national ecological footprint geography
V Niccolucci, A Galli, A Reed, E Neri, M Wackernagel, S Bastianoni
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Biocapacity vs Ecological Footprint of world regions: A geopolitical interpretation
V Niccolucci, E Tiezzi, FM Pulselli, C Capineri
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Adaptive environmental management of tourism in the Province of Siena, Italy using the ecological footprint
TM Patterson, V Niccolucci, N Marchettini
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Exploring ecosystem services assessment through Ecological Footprint accounting
MS Mancini, A Galli, L Coscieme, V Niccolucci, D Lin, FM Pulselli, ...
Ecosystem Services 30, 228-235, 2018
Strengthening the threshold hypothesis: economic and biophysical limits to growth
V Niccolucci, FM Pulselli, E Tiezzi
Ecological Economics 60 (4), 667-672, 2007
Stocks and flows of natural capital: Implications for Ecological Footprint
MS Mancini, A Galli, V Niccolucci, D Lin, L Hanscom, M Wackernagel, ...
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Indicator and indicandum:“Sustainable way” vs “prevailing conditions” in the Ecological Footprint
S Bastianoni, V Niccolucci, RM Pulselli, N Marchettini
Ecological Indicators 16, 47-50, 2012
Towards lower carbon footprint patterns of consumption: The case of drinking water in Italy
S Botto, V Niccolucci, B Rugani, V Nicolardi, S Bastianoni, C Gaggi
environmental science & policy 14 (4), 388-395, 2011
Environmental policies for GHG emissions reduction and energy transition in the medieval historic centre of Siena (Italy): The role of solar energy
M Marchi, V Niccolucci, RM Pulselli, N Marchettini
Journal of Cleaner Production 185, 829-840, 2018
Environmental and economic evaluation of natural capital appropriation through building construction: practical case study in the Italian context
S Bastianoni, A Galli, RM Pulselli, V Niccolucci
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Accounting for “land-grabbing” from a biocapacity viewpoint
L Coscieme, FM Pulselli, V Niccolucci, N Patrizi, PC Sutton
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S Bastianoni, A Galli, V Niccolucci, RM Pulselli
The Sustainable City IV: Urban Regeneration and Sustainability 345, 356, 2006
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