Kathleen M. Jagodnik, Ph.D.
Kathleen M. Jagodnik, Ph.D.
Harvard Medical School & Massachusetts General Hospital, and Bar-Ilan University, Israel
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Enrichr: a comprehensive gene set enrichment analysis web server 2016 update
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Optimization and evaluation of a proportional derivative controller for planar arm movement
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Training an actor-critic reinforcement learning controller for arm movement using human-generated rewards
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FAIRshake: Toolkit to evaluate the FAIRness of research digital resources
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Correcting under-reported COVID-19 case numbers: estimating the true scale of the pandemic
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Application of the actor-critic architecture to functional electrical stimulation control of a human arm
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SigCom LINCS: data and metadata search engine for a million gene expression signatures
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Drug Gene Budger (DGB): an application for ranking drugs to modulate a specific gene based on transcriptomic signatures
Z Wang, E He, K Sani, KM Jagodnik, MC Silverstein, A Ma’ayan
Bioinformatics 35 (7), 1247-1248, 2019
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