Maria Paola COSTI
Maria Paola COSTI
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Discovery of potent pteridine reductase inhibitors to guide antiparasite drug development
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The Hippo pathway and YAP/TAZ–TEAD protein–protein interaction as targets for regenerative medicine and cancer treatment: Miniperspective
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2-Carboxyquinoxalines Kill Mycobacterium tuberculosis through Noncovalent Inhibition of DprE1
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Optimizing cell permeation of an antibiotic resistance inhibitor for improved efficacy
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Thymidylate synthase inhibition: A structure‐based rationale for drug design
MP Costi
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Inside the biochemical pathways of thymidylate synthase perturbed by anticancer drugs: Novel strategies to overcome cancer chemoresistance
L Taddia, D D’Arca, S Ferrari, C Marraccini, L Severi, G Ponterini, ...
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Profiling of flavonol derivatives for the development of antitrypanosomatidic drugs
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Quinoxaline chemistry. Part 15. 4-[2-Quinoxalylmethylenimino]-benzoylglutamates and-benzoates, 4-[2-quinoxalylmethyl-N-methylamino]-benzoylglutamates as analogues of classical …
M Loriga, S Piras, G Paglietti, MP Costi, A Venturelli
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Targeting class A and C serine β-lactamases with a broad-spectrum boronic acid derivative
D Tondi, A Venturelli, R Bonnet, C Pozzi, BK Shoichet, MP Costi
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Current and future chemotherapy for Chagas disease
L Gaspar, C B Moraes, L H Freitas-Junior, S Ferrari, L Costantino, ...
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Quinoxaline chemistry. Part 11. 3-Phenyl-2 [phenoxy-and phenoxymethyl]-6 (7) or 6, 8-substituted quinoxalines and N-[4-(6 (7)-substituted or 6, 8-disubstituted-3 …
P Corona, G Vitale, M Loriga, G Paglietti, MP Costi
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Modulation of the expression of folate cycle enzymes and polyamine metabolism by berberine in cisplatin-sensitive and-resistant human ovarian cancer cells
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Novel 3‐benzoyl‐2‐piperazinylquinoxaline derivatives as potential antitumor agents
S Piras, M Loriga, A Carta, G Paglietti, M Paola Costi, S Ferrari
Journal of heterocyclic chemistry 43 (3), 541-548, 2006
The inhibition of extended spectrum β-lactamases: hits and leads
D Farina, F Spyrakis, A Venturelli, S Cross, D Tondi, M Paola Costi
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Ligand-based virtual screening and ADME-tox guided approach to identify triazolo-quinoxalines as folate cycle inhibitors
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Collateral sensitivity to novel thymidylate synthase inhibitors correlates with folate cycle enzymes impairment in cisplatin-resistant human ovarian cancer cells
G Marverti, A Ligabue, G Paglietti, P Corona, S Piras, G Vitale, D Guerrieri, ...
European journal of pharmacology 615 (1-3), 17-26, 2009
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