Panu Halme
Panu Halme
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Challenges of ecological restoration: lessons from forests in northern Europe
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The volume and composition of dead wood on traditional and forest fuel harvested clear-cuts
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Give me a sample of air and I will tell which species are found from your region: Molecular identification of fungi from airborne spore samples
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The effect of forest fuel harvesting on the fungal diversity of clear-cuts
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Grazing and soil pH are biodiversity drivers of vascular plants and bryophytes in boreal wood-pastures
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Quantifying the indicator power of an indicator species
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Alarmist by bad design: Strongly popularized unsubstantiated claims undermine credibility of conservation science
A Komonen, P Halme, JS Kotiaho
Rethinking Ecology 4, 2019
The effects of habitat degradation on metacommunity structure of wood-inhabiting fungi in European beech forests
P Halme, P Ódor, M Christensen, A Piltaver, M Veerkamp, R Walleyn, ...
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The effect of buffer strip width and selective logging on riparian forest microclimate
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P Halme, JS Kotiaho, AL Ylisirniö, J Hottola, K Junninen, J Kouki, ...
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Planetary well-being
T Kortetmäki, M Puurtinen, M Salo, G Cortés-Capano, S Karkulehto, ...
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