Emmeric Tanghe
Emmeric Tanghe
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Characterization of on-body communication channel and energy efficient topology design for wireless body area networks
E Reusens, W Joseph, B Latré, B Braem, G Vermeeren, E Tanghe, ...
IEEE Transactions on Information Technology in Biomedicine 13 (6), 933-945, 2009
The industrial indoor channel: large-scale and temporal fading at 900, 2400, and 5200 MHz
E Tanghe, W Joseph, L Verloock, L Martens, H Capoen, K Van Herwegen, ...
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Modelling and optimization of power consumption in wireless access networks
M Deruyck, E Tanghe, W Joseph, L Martens
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Evaluation of vehicle penetration loss at wireless communication frequencies
E Tanghe, W Joseph, L Verloock, L Martens
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Coverage prediction and optimization algorithms for indoor environments
D Plets, W Joseph, K Vanhecke, E Tanghe, L Martens
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Comparison of power consumption of mobile WiMAX, HSPA and LTE access networks
M Deruyck, W Vereecken, E Tanghe, W Joseph, M Pickavet, L Martens, ...
2010 9th Conference of Telecommunication, Media and Internet, 1-7, 2010
Power consumption in wireless access network
M Deruyck, W Vereecken, E Tanghe, W Joseph, M Pickavet, L Martens, ...
2010 European Wireless Conference (EW), 924-931, 2010
Current directions in the auricular vagus nerve stimulation I–a physiological perspective
E Kaniusas, S Kampusch, M Tittgemeyer, F Panetsos, RF Gines, M Papa, ...
Frontiers in neuroscience 13, 854, 2019
Experimental assessment of specific absorption rate using room electromagnetics
A Bamba, W Joseph, JB Andersen, E Tanghe, G Vermeeren, D Plets, ...
IEEE Transactions on Electromagnetic Compatibility 54 (4), 747-757, 2012
In-situ measurement procedures for temporal RF electromagnetic field exposure of the general public
W Joseph, L Verloock, E Tanghe, L Martens
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Personal distributed exposimeter for radio frequency exposure assessment in real environments
A Thielens, H De Clercq, S Agneessens, J Lecoutere, L Verloock, ...
Bioelectromagnetics 34 (7), 563-567, 2013
Diversity performance of off-body MB-OFDM UWB-MIMO
M Marinova, A Thielens, E Tanghe, L Vallozzi, G Vermeeren, W Joseph, ...
IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation 63 (7), 3187-3197, 2015
Internet of animals: characterisation of LoRa sub-GHz off-body wireless channel in dairy barns
S Benaissa, D Plets, E Tanghe, J Trogh, L Martens, L Vandaele, ...
Electronics Letters 53 (18), 1281-1283, 2017
Experimental analysis of dense multipath components in an industrial environment
E Tanghe, DP Gaillot, M Liénard, L Martens, W Joseph
IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation 62 (7), 3797-3805, 2014
Influence of reception condition, MPE-FEC rate and modulation scheme on performance of DVB-H
D Plets, W Joseph, L Verloock, E Tanghe, L Martens, E Deventer, ...
IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting 54 (3), 590-598, 2008
Linking users' subjective QoE evaluation to signal strength in an IEEE 802.11 b/g wireless LAN environment
K De Moor, W Joseph, I Ketykó, E Tanghe, T Deryckere, L Martens, ...
EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking 2010, 1-12, 2010
On-body calibration and processing for a combination of two radio-frequency personal exposimeters
A Thielens, S Agneessens, L Verloock, E Tanghe, H Rogier, L Martens, ...
Radiation Protection Dosimetry 163 (1), 58-69, 2015
In-to-out body antenna-independent path loss model for multilayered tissues and heterogeneous medium
D Kurup, G Vermeeren, E Tanghe, W Joseph, L Martens
Sensors 15 (1), 408-421, 2015
Path loss model and prediction of range, power and throughput for 802.11 n in large conference rooms
F Heereman, W Joseph, E Tanghe, D Plets, L Verloock, L Martens
AEU-International Journal of Electronics and Communications 66 (7), 561-568, 2012
Reducing the power consumption in LTE-Advanced wireless access networks by a capacity based deployment tool
M Deruyck, W Joseph, E Tanghe, L Martens
Radio Science 49 (9), 777-787, 2014
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