Harsh Bhatia
Harsh Bhatia
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
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The Helmholtz-Hodge Decomposition-A Survey
H Bhatia, G Norgard, V Pascucci, P Bremer
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics 19 (8), 1386-1404, 2013
Computational lipidomics of the neuronal plasma membrane
HI Ingólfsson, TS Carpenter, H Bhatia, PT Bremer, SJ Marrink, ...
Biophysical journal 113 (10), 2271-2280, 2017
The natural Helmholtz-Hodge decomposition for open-boundary flow analysis
H Bhatia, V Pascucci, PT Bremer
IEEE transactions on visualization and computer graphics 20 (11), 1566-1578, 2014
A massively parallel infrastructure for adaptive multiscale simulations: modeling RAS initiation pathway for cancer
F Di Natale, H Bhatia, TS Carpenter, C Neale, S Kokkila-Schumacher, ...
Proceedings of the International Conference for High Performance Computing …, 2019
Flow Visualization with Quantified Spatial and Temporal Errors using Edge Maps.
H Bhatia, S Jadhav, PT Bremer, G Chen, JA Levine, LG Nonato, ...
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics 18 (9), 1383-1396, 2012
TopoMS: Comprehensive topological exploration for molecular and condensed‐matter systems
H Bhatia, AG Gyulassy, V Lordi, JE Pask, V Pascucci, PT Bremer
Journal of computational chemistry 39 (16), 936-952, 2018
Edge maps: Representing flow with bounded error
H Bhatia, S Jadhav, PT Bremer, G Chen, JA Levine, LG Nonato, ...
2011 IEEE Pacific Visualization Symposium, 75-82, 2011
Capturing biologically complex tissue-specific membranes at different levels of compositional complexity
HI Ingólfsson, H Bhatia, T Zeppelin, WFD Bennett, KA Carpenter, PC Hsu, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 124 (36), 7819-7829, 2020
Machine learning–driven multiscale modeling reveals lipid-dependent dynamics of RAS signaling proteins
HI Ingólfsson, C Neale, TS Carpenter, R Shrestha, CA López, TH Tran, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 119 (1), e2113297119, 2022
Extracting features from time‐dependent vector fields using internal reference frames
H Bhatia, V Pascucci, RM Kirby, PT Bremer
Computer graphics forum 33 (3), 21-30, 2014
MemSurfer: a tool for robust computation and characterization of curved membranes
H Bhatia, HI Ingólfsson, TS Carpenter, FC Lightstone, PT Bremer
Journal of chemical theory and computation 15 (11), 6411-6421, 2019
Visualizing Robustness of Critical Points for 2D Time-Varying Vector Fields
B Wang, P Rosen, P Skraba, H Bhatia, V Pascucci
Computer Graphics Forum 19 (3), 527-528, 2013
Efficient and flexible hierarchical data layouts for a unified encoding of scalar field precision and resolution
D Hoang, B Summa, H Bhatia, P Lindstrom, P Klacansky, W Usher, ...
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics 27 (2), 603-613, 2020
Complex ion dynamics in carbonate lithium-ion battery electrolytes
MT Ong, H Bhatia, AG Gyulassy, EW Draeger, V Pascucci, PT Bremer, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 121 (12), 6589-6595, 2017
Local, smooth, and consistent Jacobi set simplification
H Bhatia, B Wang, G Norgard, V Pascucci, PT Bremer
Computational Geometry 48 (4), 311-332, 2015
A study of the trade-off between reducing precision and reducing resolution for data analysis and visualization
D Hoang, P Klacansky, H Bhatia, PT Bremer, P Lindstrom, V Pascucci
IEEE transactions on visualization and computer graphics 25 (1), 1193-1203, 2018
Robust detection of singularities in vector fields
H Bhatia, A Gyulassy, H Wang, PT Bremer, V Pascucci
Topological methods in data analysis and visualization III, 3-18, 2014
A queuing-theoretic framework for performance analysis of mobile wireless networks
H Bhatia, RB Lenin, A Munjal, S Ramaswamy, S Srivastava
Proceedings of the 8th Workshop on Performance Metrics for Intelligent …, 2008
Visualizing Hierarchical Performance Profiles of Parallel Codes Using CallFlow
HT Nguyen, A Bhatele, N Jain, SP Kesavan, H Bhatia, T Gamblin, KL Ma, ...
IEEE transactions on visualization and computer graphics 27 (4), 2455-2468, 2019
Consistent approximation of local flow behavior for 2d vector fields using edge maps
S Jadhav, H Bhatia, PT Bremer, JA Levine, LG Nonato, V Pascucci
Topological Methods in Data Analysis and Visualization II, 141-159, 2012
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