Marc Baldo
Marc Baldo
MIT, Dept of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
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Highly efficient phosphorescent emission from organic electroluminescent devices
MA Baldo, DF O'Brien, Y You, A Shoustikov, S Sibley, ME Thompson, ...
Electrophosphorescent Materials and Devices, 1-11, 2023
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MA Baldo, C Adachi, SR Forrest
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Structure for high efficiency electroluminescent device
MA Baldo, DF O'brien, SR Forrest
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High-efficiency red electrophosphorescence devices
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Improved energy transfer in electrophosphorescent devices
DF O’brien, MA Baldo, ME Thompson, SR Forrest
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DN Congreve, J Lee, NJ Thompson, E Hontz, SR Yost, PD Reusswig, ...
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Design of efficient molecular organic light-emitting diodes by a high-throughput virtual screening and experimental approach
R Gómez-Bombarelli, J Aguilera-Iparraguirre, TD Hirzel, D Duvenaud, ...
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Phosphorescent materials for application to organic light emitting devices
MA Baldo, ME Thompson, SR Forrest
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Interface-limited injection in amorphous organic semiconductors
MA Baldo, SR Forrest
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Electroluminescence mechanisms in organic light emitting devices employing a europium chelate doped in a wide energy gap bipolar conducting host
C Adachi, MA Baldo, SR Forrest
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Bright, saturated, red-to-yellow organic light-emitting devices based on polarization-induced spectral shifts
V Bulović, A Shoustikov, MA Baldo, E Bose, VG Kozlov, ME Thompson, ...
Chemical Physics Letters 287 (3-4), 455-460, 1998
Integration of photosynthetic protein molecular complexes in solid-state electronic devices
R Das, PJ Kiley, M Segal, J Norville, AA Yu, L Wang, SA Trammell, ...
Nano Letters 4 (6), 1079-1083, 2004
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