James H. Conigrave
James H. Conigrave
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When empathy matters: The role of sex and empathy in close friendships
J Ciarrochi, PD Parker, BK Sahdra, TB Kashdan, N Kiuru, J Conigrave
Journal of Personality 85 (4), 494-504, 2017
Alcohol use disorder and circulating cytokines: A systematic review and meta-analysis
C Adams, JH Conigrave, J Lewohl, P Haber, KC Morley
Brain, Behavior, and Immunity 89, 501-512, 2020
Young women face disadvantage to enrollment in university STEM coursework regardless of prior achievement and attitudes
HW Marsh, B Van Zanden, PD Parker, J Guo, J Conigrave, M Seaton
American Educational Research Journal 56 (5), 1629-1680, 2019
Asking about the last four drinking occasions on a tablet computer as a way to record alcohol consumption in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians: a validation
KSK Lee, JH Conigrave, S Callinan, S Wilson, R Room, J Perry, T Slade, ...
Addiction Science & Clinical Practice 14 (1), 15, 2019
Systematic review of addiction recovery mutual support groups and Indigenous people of Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United States of America and Hawaii
E Dale, PJ Kelly, KSK Lee, JH Conigrave, R Ivers, K Clapham
Addictive Behaviors 98, 2019
Drinking risk varies within and between Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander samples: a meta‐analysis to identify sources of heterogeneity
JH Conigrave, KSK Lee, C Zheng, S Wilson, J Perry, T Chikritzhs, T Slade, ...
Addiction 115 (10), 1817-1830, 2020
Paths to the light and dark sides of human nature: A meta-analytic review of the prosocial benefits of autonomy and the antisocial costs of control.
JN Donald, EL Bradshaw, JH Conigrave, PD Parker, LL Byatt, M Noetel, ...
Psychological Bulletin 147 (9), 921, 2021
Acceptability and feasibility of a computer-based application to help Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians describe their alcohol consumption
KSK Lee, JH Conigrave, M Al Ansari, S Wilson, J Perry, C Zheng, ...
Journal of Ethnicity in Substance Abuse, 1-18, 2021
A systematic review of approaches to improve practice, detection and treatment of unhealthy alcohol use in primary health care: a role for continuous quality improvement
M Dzidowska, KS Lee, C Wylie, J Bailie, N Percival, JH Conigrave, ...
BMC family practice 21 (1), 1-22, 2020
What is the prevalence of current alcohol dependence and how is it measured for Indigenous people in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States of America? A …
TJ Weatherall, KM Conigrave, JH Conigrave, KSK Lee
Addiction Science & Clinical Practice 15, 1-11, 2020
Recruiting a representative sample of urban South Australian Aboriginal adults for a survey on alcohol consumption
KSK Lee, MS Fitts, JH Conigrave, C Zheng, J Perry, S Wilson, D Ah Chee, ...
BMC Medical Research Methodology 20, 1-11, 2020
Short screening tools for risky drinking in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians: modified AUDIT-C and a new approach
KSK Lee, JH Conigrave, S Wilson, J Perry, S Callinan, R Room, ...
Addiction Science & Clinical Practice 14 (1), 22, 2019
What can primary care services do to help First Nations people with unhealthy alcohol use? A systematic review: Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada
GC Purcell-Khodr, KS Lee, JH Conigrave, E Webster, KM Conigrave
Addiction Science & Clinical Practice 15 (1), 1-21, 2020
Supporting Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services to deliver alcohol care: protocol for a cluster randomised controlled trial
KH Harrison, KSK Lee, T Dobbins, S Wilson, N Hayman, R Ivers, ...
BMJ open 9 (11), 2019
Patterns of drinking in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as self-reported on the Grog Survey App: a stratified sample
KSK Lee, JH Conigrave, S Wilson, J Perry, N Hayman, C Zheng, ...
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Discrimination as a frame-of-reference effect in overlapping friendship communities of ethnically diverse youth
BK Sahdra, PD Parker, RG Craven, R Brockman, EK Devine, J Conigrave, ...
Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology 26 (1), 71-81, 2018
Patterns of drinking in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as self‐reported on the Grog Survey App: a representative urban and remote sample
C Zheng, JH Conigrave, KM Conigrave, S Wilson, J Perry, TN Chikritzhs, ...
Drug and Alcohol Review 41 (1), 114-124, 2022
Prevalence and correlates of alcohol dependence in an Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander representative sample: Using the Grog Survey App
TJ Weatherall, JH Conigrave, KM Conigrave, J Perry, S Wilson, R Room, ...
Drug and Alcohol Review, 2021
Support can increase use of the AUDIT-C in Australian Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services: a cluster randomised trial
JH Conigrave, KH Harrison, KSK Lee, TA Dobbins, B Hummerston, ...
Addiction, 2021
A meta-analysis of the dark side of the American dream: Evidence for the universal wellness costs of prioritizing extrinsic over intrinsic goals.
EL Bradshaw, JH Conigrave, BA Steward, KA Ferber, PD Parker, ...
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 124 (4), 873, 2023
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