Ottevaere Heidi
Ottevaere Heidi
Vrije Universiteit Brussel
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Comparing glass and plastic refractive microlenses fabricated with different technologies
H Ottevaere, R Cox, HP Herzig, T Miyashita, K Naessens, M Taghizadeh, ...
Journal of Optics A: Pure and Applied Optics 8 (7), S407, 2006
MT-compatible laser-ablated interconnections for optical printed circuit boards
G Van Steenberge, P Geerinck, S Van Put, J Van Koetsem, H Ottevaere, ...
Journal of lightwave technology 22 (9), 2083, 2004
Fabrication of spherical microlenses by a combination of isotropic wet etching of silicon and molding techniques
J Albero, L Nieradko, C Gorecki, H Ottevaere, V Gomez, H Thienpont, ...
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Two-dimensional plastic microlens arrays by deep lithography with protons: fabrication and characterization
H Ottevaere, B Volckaerts, J Lamprecht, J Schwider, A Hermanne, ...
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Low-cost microoptical modules for MCM level optical interconnections
C Debaes, M Vervaeke, V Baukens, H Ottevaere, P Vynck, P Tuteleers, ...
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Direct writing of microlenses in polycarbonate with excimer laser ablation
K Naessens, H Ottevaere, R Baets, P Van Daele, H Thienpont
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Flexible fabrication of microlenses in polymer layers with excimer laser ablation
K Naessens, H Ottevaere, P Van Daele, R Baets
Applied surface science 208, 159-164, 2003
Plastic microoptical interconnection modules for parallel free-space interand Intra-MCM data communication
H Thienpont, C Debaes, V Baukens, H Ottevaere, P Vynck, P Tuteleers, ...
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Deep lithography with protons: a generic fabrication technology for refractive micro-optical components and modules
B Volckaerts, H Ottevaere, P Vynck, C Debaes, P Tuteleers, A Hermanne, ...
Asian Journal of Physics 10 (2), 195-214, 2001
Deep proton writing: a rapid prototyping polymer micro-fabrication tool for micro-optical modules
C Debaes, J Van Erps, M Vervaeke, B Volckaerts, H Ottevaere, V Gomez, ...
New Journal of Physics 8 (11), 270, 2006
Signal processing challenges for digital holographic video display systems
D Blinder, A Ahar, S Bettens, T Birnbaum, A Symeonidou, H Ottevaere, ...
Signal Processing: Image Communication 70, 114-130, 2019
JPEG 2000-based compression of fringe patterns for digital holographic microscopy
D Blinder, T Bruylants, H Ottevaere, A Munteanu, P Schelkens
Optical Engineering 53 (12), 123102, 2014
Visible and near-infrared absorption spectroscopy by an integrating sphere and optical fibers for quantifying and discriminating the adulteration of extra virgin olive oil from …
AG Mignani, L Ciaccheri, H Ottevaere, H Thienpont, L Conte, M Marega, ...
Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry 399 (3), 1315-1324, 2011
Deep microstructure topography characterization with optical vortex interferometer
J Masajada, M Leniec, E Jankowska, H Thienpont, H Ottevaere, V Gomez
Optics express 16 (23), 19179-19191, 2008
EAT-by-LIGHT: Fiber-optic and micro-optic devices for food quality and safety assessment
AG Mignani, L Ciaccheri, C Cucci, AA Mencaglia, A Cimato, C Attilio, ...
IEEE Sensors Journal 8 (7), 1342-1354, 2008
Sub-second liquid chromatographic separations by means of shear-driven chromatography
D Clicq, N Vervoort, R Vounckx, H Ottevaere, J Buijs, C Gooijer, F Ariese, ...
Journal of Chromatography A 979 (1-2), 33-42, 2002
Optical fiber spectroscopy for measuring quality indicators of lubricant oils
AG Mignani, L Ciaccheri, N Díaz-Herrera, AA Mencaglia, H Ottevaere, ...
Measurement Science and Technology 20 (3), 034011, 2009
Soft tissue fillers for adipose tissue regeneration: from hydrogel development toward clinical applications
I Van Nieuwenhove, L Tytgat, M Ryx, P Blondeel, F Stillaert, H Thienpont, ...
Acta biomaterialia 63, 37-49, 2017
Fabrication and characterization of microlens arrays using a cantilever-based spotter
V Bardinal, E Daran, T Leichle, C Vergnenegre, C Levallois, T Camps, ...
Optics express 15 (11), 6900-6907, 2007
Merging open-tubular and packed bed liquid chromatography
G Desmet, M Callewaert, H Ottevaere, W De Malsche
Analytical chemistry 87 (14), 7382-7388, 2015
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