Adnan Gulzar
Adnan Gulzar
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Photocontrolling protein–peptide interactions: From minimal perturbation to complete unbinding
B Jankovic, A Gulzar, C Zanobini, O Bozovic, S Wolf, G Stock, P Hamm
Journal of the American Chemical Society 141 (27), 10702-10710, 2019
2D-IR spectroscopy of an AHA labeled photoswitchable PDZ2 domain
B Stucki-Buchli, PJM Johnson, O Bozovic, C Zanobini, KL Koziol, P Hamm, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 121 (49), 9435-9445, 2017
Azidohomoalanine: A minimally invasive, versatile, and sensitive infrared label in proteins to study ligand binding
C Zanobini, O Bozovic, B Jankovic, KL Koziol, PJM Johnson, P Hamm, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 122 (44), 10118-10125, 2018
Molecular dynamics simulation unveils the conformational flexibility of the interdomain linker in the bacterial transcriptional regulator GabR from Bacillus subtilis bound to …
T Milano, A Gulzar, D Narzi, L Guidoni, S Pascarella
PloS one 12 (12), e0189270, 2017
Real-time observation of ligand-induced allosteric transitions in a PDZ domain
O Bozovic, C Zanobini, A Gulzar, B Jankovic, D Buhrke, M Post, S Wolf, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 117 (42), 26031-26039, 2020
Energy Transport Pathways in Proteins: A Non-equilibrium Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study
A Gulzar, L Valiño Borau, S Buchenberg, S Wolf, G Stock
Journal of chemical theory and computation 15 (10), 5750-5757, 2019
Master equation model to predict energy transport pathways in proteins
L Valiño Borau, A Gulzar, G Stock
The Journal of chemical physics 152 (4), 045103, 2020
Adsorption and sensor applications of C2N surface for G-series and mustard series chemical warfare agents
M Yar, F Ahsan, A Gulzar, K Ayub
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 317, 110984, 2021
Through Bonds or Contacts? Mapping Protein Vibrational Energy Transfer Using Non-canonical Amino Acids.
J Bredenbeck, E Deniz, L Valiño-Borau, J Löffler, K Eberl, A Gulzar, ...
Supplementary Material: 2D-IR Spectroscopy of an AHA Labelled Photoswitchable PDZ2 Domain
B Stucki-Buchli, P Johnson, O Bozovic, C Zanobini, K Koziol, P Hamm, ...
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