Henri Olkoniemi
Henri Olkoniemi
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Individual differences in the processing of written sarcasm and metaphor: Evidence from eye movements.
H Olkoniemi, H Ranta, JK Kaakinen
Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition 42 (3), 433, 2016
Processing of written irony: An eye movement study
JK Kaakinen, H Olkoniemi, T Kinnari, J Hyönä
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The role of look-backs in the processing of written sarcasm
H Olkoniemi, E Johander, JK Kaakinen
Memory & Cognition 47 (1), 87-105, 2019
The ability to recognise emotions predicts the time-course of sarcasm processing: Evidence from eye movements
H Olkoniemi, V Strömberg, JK Kaakinen
Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology 72 (5), 1212-1223, 2019
Dopamine and eye movement control in Parkinson’s disease: deficits in corollary discharge signals?
H Railo, H Olkoniemi, E Eeronheimo, O Pääkkönen, J Joutsa, V Kaasinen
PeerJ 6, e6038, 2018
Processing of irony in text: A systematic review of eye tracking studies
H Olkoniemi, JK Kaakinen
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Knowledge is a river and education is like a stairway: An eye movement study on how L2 speakers process metaphors and similes
H Olkoniemi, R Bertram, JK Kaakinen
PsyArXiv, 2020
An eye-tracking study of reading long and short novel and lexicalized compound words
J Hyönä, A Pollatsek, M Koski, H Olkoniemi
Journal of Eye Movement Research 13 (4), 2020
The Holocaust as a Lifelong Nightmare: Posttraumatic Symptoms and Dream Content in Polish Auschwitz Survivors 30 Years After World War II
M Bergman, O MacGregor, H Olkoniemi, W Owczarski, A Revonsuo, ...
The American Journal of Psychology 133 (2), 143-166, 2020
Individual differences in processing written irony
H Olkoniemi
University of Turku, 2019
Impairment in updating spatial representations in Parkinson’s disease correlates with dopaminergic deficiency
H Railo, H Olkoniemi, E Eeronheimo, O Pääkkönen, J Joutsa, V Kaasinen
bioRxiv, 245381, 2018
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