Thanh-Toan Do
Thanh-Toan Do
Senior Lecturer, Monash University
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AffordanceNet: An end-to-end deep learning approach for object affordance detection
TT Do, A Nguyen, I Reid
ICRA, 2018, 2018
Learning to hash with binary deep neural network
TT Do, AD Doan, NM Cheung
European Conference on Computer Vision, 219-234, 2016
Real-time Monocular Object Instance 6D Pose Estimation
TT Do, T Pham, M Cai, I Reid
BMVC, 2018, 2018
Image-based vehicle analysis using deep neural network: A systematic study
Y Zhou, H Nejati, TT Do, NM Cheung, L Cheah
2016 IEEE international conference on digital signal processing (DSP), 276-280, 2016
Bayesian Generative Active Deep Learning
T Tran, TT Do, I Reid, G Carneiro
International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML), 2019, 2019
Selective deep convolutional features for image retrieval
T Hoang, TT Do, DK Le Tan, NM Cheung
Proceedings of the 25th ACM international conference on Multimedia, 1600-1608, 2017
Accessible melanoma detection using smartphones and mobile image analysis
TT Do, T Hoang, V Pomponiu, Y Zhou, Z Chen, NM Cheung, D Koh, A Tan, ...
IEEE Transactions on Multimedia 20 (10), 2849-2864, 2018
SDRSAC: Semidefinite-Based Randomized Approach for Robust Point Cloud Registration without Correspondences
H Le, TT Do, T Hoang, NM Cheung
CVPR 2019, 2019
MediaEval 2017 Predicting Media Interestingness Task
CH Demarty, M Sjöberg, B Ionescu, TT Do, M Gygli, NQK Duong
MediaEval Workshop, 2017
Face recognition using co-occurrence histograms of oriented gradients
TT Do, E Kijak
2012 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal …, 2012
Deluding image recognition in SIFT-based CBIR systems
TT Do, E Kijak, T Furon, L Amsaleg
Proceedings of the 2nd ACM Workshop on Multimedia in forensics, Security and …, 2010
A Theoretically Sound Upper Bound on the Triplet Loss for Improving the Efficiency of Deep Distance Metric Learning
TT Do, T Tran, I Reid, V Kumar, T Hoang, G Carneiro
CVPR 2019, 2019
Overcoming Data Limitation in Medical Visual Question Answering
BD Nguyen, TT Do, BX Nguyen, T Do, E Tjiputra, QD Tran
MICCAI 2019, 2019
Compact Trilinear Interaction for Visual Question Answering
T Do, TT Do, H Tran, E Tjiputra, QD Tran
ICCV 2019, 2019
Real-Time 6DOF Pose Relocalization for Event Cameras with Stacked Spatial LSTM Networks
A Nguyen, TT Do, DG Caldwell, NG Tsagarakis
CVPR Workshops 2019, 2019
SceneCut: Joint Geometric and Object Segmentation for Indoor Scenes
T Pham, TT Do, N Sünderhauf, I Reid
ICRA, 2018, 2017
Simultaneous feature aggregating and hashing for large-scale image search
TT Do, DKL Tan, TT Pham, NM Cheung
CVPR, 2017, 2017
Early melanoma diagnosis with mobile imaging
TT Do, Y Zhou, H Zheng, NM Cheung, D Koh
2014 36th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in …, 2014
Method and device for analysing an image
TT Do, Y Zhou, V Pomponiu, NM Cheung, DCI Koh, TS Hoon
US Patent 10,499,845, 2019
Mirrornet: Bio-inspired camouflaged object segmentation
J Yan, TN Le, KD Nguyen, MT Tran, TT Do, TV Nguyen
IEEE Access 9, 43290-43300, 2021
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