Kenneth James Chapin
Kenneth James Chapin
Vahvistettu sähköpostiosoite verkkotunnuksessa - Kotisivu
TRY plant trait database–enhanced coverage and open access
J Kattge, G Bönisch, S Díaz, S Lavorel, IC Prentice, P Leadley, ...
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Further mismeasures of animal contests: a new framework for assessment strategies
KJ Chapin, PEC Peixoto, M Briffa
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Cave-epigean behavioral variation of the whip spider Phrynus longipes (Arachnida: Amblypygi) evidenced by activity, vigilance, and aggression
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Arthropod life history
KJ Chapin
Encyclopedia of Animal Cognition and Behavior. Springer, Cham, 2017
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Microhabitat and spatial complexity predict group size of the whip spider Heterophrynus batesii in Amazonian Ecuador
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Territoriality evidenced by asymmetric intruder–holder motivation in an amblypygid
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Turtle populations at a heavily used recreational site: Ichetucknee Springs State Park, Columbia County, Florida
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Territoriality mediates atypical size‐symmetric cannibalism in the Amblypygi Phrynus longipes
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Multiple introductions and population structure during the rapid expansion of the invasive Sahara mustard (Brassica tournefortii)
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Global patterns of sexual dimorphism in Amblypygi
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Ecology and natural history of the tree-inhabiting social amblypygid Heterophrynus batesii (Butler 1873; Amblypygi: Phrynidae) in Eastern Amazonian Ecuador
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Early life history responses and phenotypic shifts in a rare endemic plant responding to climate change
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Territoriality evidenced by asymmetric resource value in the whip spider Phrynus longipes
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Suitability of a subcuticular permanent marking technique for scorpions
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Using ternary plots to investigate continuous variation in animal contest strategies
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Vertically stratified arthropod diversity in a Florida upland hardwood forest
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Island biogeography and ecological modeling of the amblypygid Phrynus marginemaculatus in the Florida Keys archipelago
KJ Chapin, DE Winkler, P Wiencek, I Agnarsson
Ecology and evolution 8 (18), 9139-9151, 2018
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