Xuejing Wang
Xuejing Wang
Director's Postdoctoral Fellow, MPA-CINT, Los Alamos National Laboratory
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Continuous Tuning of Phase Transition Temperature in VO2 Thin Films on c-Cut Sapphire Substrates via Strain Variation
J Jian, X Wang, L Li, M Fan, W Zhang, J Huang, Z Qi, H Wang
ACS applied materials & interfaces 9 (6), 5319-5327, 2017
Strongly enhanced dielectric and energy storage properties in lead-free perovskite titanate thin films by alloying
S Cho, C Yun, YS Kim, H Wang, J Jian, W Zhang, J Huang, X Wang, ...
Nano Energy 45, 398-406, 2018
Epitaxy of boron phosphide on aluminum nitride (0001)/sapphire substrate
B Padavala, CD Frye, X Wang, Z Ding, R Chen, M Dudley, ...
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Nanoscale artificial plasmonic lattice in self‐assembled vertically aligned nitride–metal hybrid metamaterials
J Huang, X Wang, NL Hogan, S Wu, P Lu, Z Fan, Y Dai, B Zeng, ...
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Nanoscale stacking fault–assisted room temperature plasticity in flash-sintered TiO2
J Li, J Cho, J Ding, H Charalambous, S Xue, H Wang, XL Phuah, J Jian, ...
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Tailorable Au Nanoparticles Embedded in Epitaxial TiO2 Thin Films for Tunable Optical Properties
S Misra, L Li, J Jian, J Huang, X Wang, D Zemlyanov, JW Jang, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 10 (38), 32895-32902, 2018
Plasmonic Cu nanostructures in ZnO as hyperbolic metamaterial thin films
J Huang, X Wang, XL Phuah, P Lu, Z Qi, H Wang
Materials Today Nano 8, 100052, 2019
Self‐Assembled Ag–TiN Hybrid Plasmonic Metamaterial: Tailorable Tilted Nanopillar and Optical Properties
X Wang, J Jian, Z Zhou, C Fan, Y Dai, L Li, J Huang, J Sun, A Donohue, ...
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Hybrid plasmonic Au–TiN vertically aligned nanocomposites: a nanoscale platform towards tunable optical sensing
X Wang, J Jian, S Diaz-Amaya, CE Kumah, P Lu, J Huang, DG Lim, ...
Nanoscale Advances 1 (3), 1045-1054, 2019
Vertically Aligned Nanocomposite BaTiO3:YMnO3 Thin Films with Room Temperature Multiferroic Properties toward Nanoscale Memory Devices
X Gao, L Li, J Jian, H Wang, M Fan, J Huang, X Wang, H Wang
ACS Applied Nano Materials 1 (6), 2509-2514, 2018
Strain-Driven In-plane Ordering in Vertically Aligned ZnO–Au Nanocomposites with Highly Correlated Metamaterial Properties
RL Paldi, X Sun, X Wang, X Zhang, H Wang
ACS omega 5 (5), 2234-2241, 2020
Tunable Optical Properties in Self‐Assembled Oxide‐Metal Hybrid Thin Films via Au‐Phase Geometry Control: From Nanopillars to Nanodisks
D Zhang, S Misra, L Li, X Wang, J Jian, P Lu, X Gao, X Sun, Z Qi, ...
Advanced Optical Materials 8 (4), 1901359, 2020
Integration of Hybrid Plasmonic Au–BaTiO3 Metamaterial on Silicon Substrates
M Kalaswad, D Zhang, X Gao, LL Contreras, H Wang, X Wang, H Wang
ACS applied materials & interfaces 11 (48), 45199-45206, 2019
Broad Range Tuning of Phase Transition Property in VO2 Through Metal‐Ceramic Nanocomposite Design
J Jian, X Wang, S Misra, X Sun, Z Qi, X Gao, J Sun, A Donohue, DG Lin, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 29 (36), 1903690, 2019
Novel Layered Supercell Structure from Bi2AlMnO6 for Multifunctionalities
L Li, P Boullay, P Lu, X Wang, J Jian, J Huang, X Gao, S Misra, W Zhang, ...
Nano letters 17 (11), 6575-6582, 2017
Metal-free oxide-nitride heterostructure as a tunable hyperbolic metamaterial platform
X Wang, H Wang, J Jian, BX Rutherford, X Gao, X Xu, X Zhang, H Wang
Nano Letters 20 (9), 6614-6622, 2020
All-oxide nanocomposites to yield large, tunable perpendicular exchange bias above room temperature
R Wu, C Yun, X Wang, P Lu, W Li, Y Lin, EM Choi, H Wang, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 10 (49), 42593-42602, 2018
Enhanced flux pinning properties of YBCO thin films with various pinning landscapes
J Huang, L Li, X Wang, Z Qi, MAP Sebastian, TJ Haugan, H Wang
IEEE transactions on applied superconductivity 27 (4), 1-5, 2016
Exchange Bias in a La0.67Sr0.33MnO3/NiO Heterointerface Integrated on a Flexible Mica Substrate
J Huang, H Wang, X Wang, X Gao, J Liu, H Wang
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 12 (35), 39920-39925, 2020
Self-assembled two-dimensional layered oxide supercells with modulated layer stacking and tunable physical properties
L Li, P Boullay, J Cheng, P Lu, X Wang, G Steciuk, J Huang, J Jian, X Gao, ...
Materials Today Nano 6, 100037, 2019
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