Sébastien Lasvaux
Sébastien Lasvaux
University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland (HES-SO) | HEIG-VD | IGT-LESBAT
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Methodological challenges and developments in LCA of low energy buildings: Application to biogenic carbon and global warming assessment
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Uncertainty of building elements’ service lives in building LCA & LCC: What matters?
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EeBGuide guidance document part B: buildings
B Wittstock, J Gantner, KLT Saunders, J Anderson, C Carter, Z Gyetvai, ...
Operational guidance for life cycle assessment studies of the Energy …, 2012
Achieving consistency in life cycle assessment practice within the European construction sector: the role of the EeBGuide InfoHub
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Adaptation of environmental data to national and sectorial context: application for reinforcing steel sold on the French market
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Statistical method to identify robust building renovation choices for environmental and economic performance
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What is the optimal robust environmental and cost-effective solution for building renovation? Not the usual one
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Comparison of the environmental assessment of an identical office building with national methods
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Life Cycle Assessment of energy related building renovation: methodology and case study
S Lasvaux, D Favre, B Périsset, J Bony, C Hildbrand, S Citherlet
Energy Procedia 78, 3496-3501, 2015
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