Peder Klith Bøcher
Peder Klith Bøcher
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Bundling ecosystem services in Denmark: Trade-offs and synergies in a cultural landscape
KG Turner, MV Odgaard, PK Bøcher, T Dalgaard, JC Svenning
Landscape and Urban Planning 125, 89-104, 2014
Topography as a driver of local terrestrial vascular plant diversity patterns
JE Moeslund, L Arge, PK Bøcher, T Dalgaard, JC Svenning
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High‐resolution 3‐D mapping of soil texture in Denmark
K Adhikari, RB Kheir, MB Greve, PK Bøcher, BP Malone, B Minasny, ...
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Topographically controlled soil moisture drives plant diversity patterns within grasslands
JE Moeslund, L Arge, PK Bøcher, T Dalgaard, R Ejrnæs, MV Odgaard, ...
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Predictive mapping of soil organic carbon in wet cultivated lands using classification-tree based models: The case study of Denmark
RB Kheir, MH Greve, PK Bøcher, MB Greve, R Larsen, K McCloy
Journal of Environmental Management 91 (5), 1150-1160, 2010
Fencing bodes a rapid collapse of the unique Greater Mara ecosystem
M Løvschal, PK Bøcher, J Pilgaard, I Amoke, A Odingo, A Thuo, ...
Scientific Reports 7 (1), 41450, 2017
Topographically controlled soil moisture is the primary driver of local vegetation patterns across a lowland region
JE Moeslund, L Arge, PK Bøcher, T Dalgaard, MV Odgaard, B Nygaard, ...
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Comparison of scales of climate and soil data for aggregating simulated yields of winter wheat in Denmark
JE Olesen, PK Bøcher, T Jensen
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‘Wild’in the city context: do relative wild areas offer opportunities for urban biodiversity?
A Müller, PK Bøcher, C Fischer, JC Svenning
Landscape and urban planning 170, 256-265, 2018
Generating a Danish raster-based topsoil property map combining choropleth maps and point information
MH Greve, MB Greve, PK Bøcher, T Balstrøm, H Breuning-Madsen, ...
Geografisk Tidsskrift-Danish Journal of Geography 107 (2), 1-12, 2007
Quantifying the ability of environmental parameters to predict soil texture fractions using regression-tree model with GIS and LIDAR data: The case study of Denmark
MH Greve, RB Kheir, MB Greve, PK Bøcher
Ecological Indicators 18, 1-10, 2012
Spatial variation of temperature and precipitation in Bhutan and links to vegetation and land cover
U Dorji, JE Olesen, PK Bøcher, MS Seidenkrantz
Mountain Research and Development 36 (1), 66-79, 2016
Climatic and non-climatic drivers of spatiotemporal maize-area dynamics across the northern limit for maize production—A case study from Denmark
MV Odgaard, PK Bøcher, T Dalgaard, JC Svenning
Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment 142 (3-4), 291-302, 2011
The regional species richness and genetic diversity of A rctic vegetation reflect both past glaciations and current climate
L Stewart, IG Alsos, C Bay, AL Breen, C Brochmann, ...
Global Ecology and Biogeography 25 (4), 430-442, 2016
The application of GIS based decision-tree models for generating the spatial distribution of hydromorphic organic landscapes in relation to digital terrain data
R Bou Kheir, PK Bøcher, MB Greve, MH Greve
Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 14 (6), 847-857, 2010
Airborne laser scanner (LiDAR) proxies for understory light conditions
C Alexander, JE Moeslund, PK Bøcher, L Arge, JC Svenning
Remote Sensing of Environment 134, 152-161, 2013
Snub-nosed monkeys (Rhinopithecus): potential distribution and its implication for conservation
J Nüchel, PK Bøcher, W Xiao, AX Zhu, JC Svenning
Biodiversity and Conservation 27, 1517-1538, 2018
Where are the wilder parts of anthropogenic landscapes? A mapping case study for Denmark
A Müller, PK Bøcher, JC Svenning
Landscape and Urban Planning 144, 90-102, 2015
Geographically comprehensive assessment of salt-meadow vegetation-elevation relations using LiDAR
JE Moeslund, L Arge, PK Bøcher, B Nygaard, JC Svenning
Wetlands 31, 471-482, 2011
The fundamentals of average local variance-part I: detecting regular patterns
PK Bocher, KR McCloy
IEEE Transactions on Image Processing 15 (2), 300-310, 2006
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