Abdallah Sayyed-Ahmad
Abdallah Sayyed-Ahmad
Professor of Physics, Birzeit University
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Computational and biochemical characterization of two partially overlapping interfaces and multiple weak-affinity K-Ras dimers
P Prakash, A Sayyed-Ahmad, KJ Cho, DM Dolino, W Chen, H Li, BJ Grant, ...
Scientific reports 7 (1), 1-11, 2017
Spatiotemporal analysis of K-Ras plasma membrane interactions reveals multiple high order homo-oligomeric complexes
S Sarkar-Banerjee, A Sayyed-Ahmad, P Prakash, KJ Cho, MN Waxham, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 139 (38), 13466-13475, 2017
Amyloid-β peptide dimers undergo a random coil to β-sheet transition in the aqueous phase but not at the neuronal membrane
H Fatafta, M Khaled, MC Owen, A Sayyed-Ahmad, B Strodel
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On the nature of antimicrobial activity: a model for protegrin-1 pores
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Poisson-Nernst-Planck models of nonequilibrium ion electrodiffusion through a protegrin transmembrane pore
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Distinct dynamics and interaction patterns in H‐and K‐Ras oncogenic P‐loop mutants
A Sayyed‐Ahmad, P Prakash, AA Gorfe
Proteins: Structure, Function, and Bioinformatics 85 (9), 1618–1632, 2017
Computational equilibrium thermodynamic and kinetic analysis of K-Ras dimerization through an effector binding surface suggests limited functional role
A Sayyed-Ahmad, KJ Cho, JF Hancock, AA Gorfe
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Efficient solution technique for solving the Poisson–Boltzmann equation
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Conformational and dynamical effects of Tyr32 phosphorylation in K-Ras: molecular dynamics simulation and Markov state models analysis
M Khaled, A Gorfe, A Sayyed-Ahmad
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Structure and dynamics of cholic acid and dodecylphosphocholine− cholic acid aggregates
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pMD-membrane: a method for ligand binding site identification in membrane-bound proteins
P Prakash, A Sayyed-Ahmad, AA Gorfe
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Aggregation behavior of ibuprofen, cholic acid and dodecylphosphocholine micelles
P Prakash, A Sayyed-Ahmad, Y Zhou, DE Volk, DG Gorenstein, E Dial, ...
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-Biomembranes 1818 (12), 3040-3047, 2012
Transcriptional regulatory network refinement and quantification through kinetic modeling, gene expression microarray data and information theory
A Sayyed-Ahmad, K Tuncay, PJ Ortoleva
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Mixed-probe simulation and probe-derived surface topography map analysis for ligand binding site identification
A Sayyed-Ahmad, AA Gorfe
Journal of chemical theory and computation 13 (4), 1851-1861, 2017
The Karyote® Physico-Chemical Genomic, Proteomic, Metabolic Cell Modeling System
P Ortoleva, E Berry, Y Brun, J Fan, M Fontus, K Hubbard, K Jaqaman, ...
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Determining the orientation of protegrin-1 in DLPC bilayers using an implicit solvent-membrane model
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Relative free energy of binding between antimicrobial peptides and SDS or DPC micelles
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Toward automated cell model development through information theory
A Sayyed-Ahmad, K Tuncay, PJ Ortoleva
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Molecular simulations of IDPs: From ensemble generation to IDP interactions leading to disorder-to-order transitions
H Fatafta, S Samantray, A Sayyed-Ahmad, O Coskuner-Weber, B Strodel
Progress in molecular biology and translational science 183, 135-185, 2021
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