Tapio Keskinen
Tapio Keskinen
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Upstream migration activity of cyprinids and percids in a channel, monitored by a horizontal split-beam echosounder
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K Salonen, J Karjalainen, P Högmander, T Keskinen, T Huttula, ...
Internationale Vereinigung für theoretische und angewandte Limnologie …, 2005
Phenotypic plasticity in growth and fecundity induced by strong population fluctuations affects reproductive traits of female fish
J Karjalainen, O Urpanen, T Keskinen, H Huuskonen, J Sarvala, ...
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Collapse and recovery of European smelt (Osmerus eperlanus) population in a small boreal lake-an early warning of the consequences of the climate change
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A validated bioenergetics model for ruffe Gymnocephalus cernuus and its application to a northern lake
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A bioenergetics model for zander: construction, validation, and evaluation of uncertainty caused by multiple input parameters
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Use of stable isotope analysis to evaluate the possible impact of fish migration on a lake biomanipulation
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Dispersion of vendace eggs and larvae around potential nursery areas reveals their reproductive strategy
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Empirical Estimation of Accumulation-Induced Change in Gill Net Catchability: Mind the Observation Errors
TJ Marjomäki, M Paloniemi, T Keskinen, J Kuha, J Karjalainen
The Open Fish Science Journal 8 (1), 2015
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