Merlijn Olthof
Merlijn Olthof
Behavioural Science Institute, Radboud University
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Critical fluctuations as an early-warning signal for sudden gains and losses in patients receiving psychotherapy for mood disorders
M Olthof, F Hasselman, G Strunk, M van Rooij, B Aas, MA Helmich, ...
Clinical Psychological Science 8 (1), 25-35, 2020
Destabilization in self-ratings of the psychotherapeutic process is associated with better treatment outcome in patients with mood disorders
M Olthof, F Hasselman, G Strunk, B Aas, G Schiepek, ...
Psychotherapy Research 30 (4), 520-531, 2020
Sudden gains in day-to-day change: Revealing nonlinear patterns of individual improvement in depression.
MA Helmich, M Wichers, M Olthof, G Strunk, B Aas, W Aichhorn, ...
Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology 88 (2), 119, 2020
Complexity theory of psychopathology.
M Olthof, F Hasselman, F Oude Maatman, AMT Bosman, ...
Journal of Psychopathology and Clinical Science 132 (3), 314, 2023
Complexity in psychological self-ratings: Implications for research and practice
M Olthof, F Hasselman, A Lichtwarck-Aschoff
BMC medicine 18 (1), 1-16, 2020
Early warning signals and critical transitions in psychopathology: Challenges and recommendations
MA Helmich, M Olthof, AJ Oldehinkel, M Wichers, LF Bringmann, AC Smit
Current Opinion in Psychology 41, 51-58, 2021
Characterizing and predicting person-specific, day-to-day, fluctuations in walking behavior
G Chevance, D Baretta, M Heino, O Perski, M Olthof, P Klasnja, E Hekler, ...
Plos one 16 (5), e0251659, 2021
Temporal dynamics of sitting behavior at work
P Ten Broeke, M Olthof, DGJ Beckers, ND Hopkins, LEF Graves, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 117 (26), 14883-14889, 2020
A Game-Based School Program for Mental Health Literacy and Stigma on Depression (Moving Stories): Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial
A Tuijnman, M Kleinjan, M Olthof, E Hoogendoorn, I Granic, ...
JMIR Mental Health 9 (8), e26615, 2022
Psychological dynamics are complex: a comparison of scaling, variance, and dynamic complexity in simulated and observed data
M Olthof, F Hasselman, M Wijnants, A Lichtwarck-Aschoff
Selbstorganisation–ein paradigma für die humanwissenschaften: Zu ehren von …, 2020
From metaphor to computation: Constructing the potential landscape for multivariate psychological formal models
J Cui, A Lichtwarck-Aschoff, M Olthof, T Li, F Hasselman
Multivariate Behavioral Research 58 (4), 743-761, 2023
casnet: a toolbox for studying Complex Adaptive Systems and NETworks. 2017
F Hasselman, M Olthof
simlandr: Simulation-based landscape construction for dynamical systems
J Cui, M Olthof, A Lichtwarck-Aschoff, T Li, F Hasselman
The best of both worlds? General principles of psychopathology in personalized assessment
M Olthof, F Hasselman, B Aas, D Lamoth, S Scholz, ...
PsyArXiv, 2022
The Content of Personalised Network-Based Case Formulations
R van den Bergh, M Olthof, F Goldbeck, K Hegewald, F Pommerien-Becht, ...
PsyArXiv, 2022
Common practices in detecting psychological early warning signals may lead to incorrect results
J Cui, F Hasselman, M Olthof, A Lichtwarck-Aschoff
PsyArXiv, 2022
Being realist (ic) about behavioral variability
F Oude Maatman, M Olthof, F Hasselman
Theory & Psychology 31 (3), 423-428, 2021
Bridging resilience and complexity indicators of human health
E Weinans, JL Rector, M Olthof, M Scheffer, IA van de Leemput
Dynamics of complex systems inferred from multivariate time series, 9-25, 2021
From metaphor to computation: Constructing the potential landscape for the dynamics of panic disorder
J Cui, MJ Olthof, A Lichtwarck-Aschoff, FW Hasselman, T Li
Conference on Complex Systems 2020, 2020
Device-based measures of sit-to-stand and stand-to-sit transitions of healthy working adults, 2020
P Broeke, MJ Olthof, DGJ Beckers, ND Hopkins, LEF Graves, SE Carter, ...
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