Sabine Harrer
Sabine Harrer
Senior Lecturer at Game Design Department Gotland, Uppsala University
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Fitter, happier, more productive? The normative ontology of fitness trackers
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S Harrer
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S Harrer
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S Harrer
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H McDonald
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Of Mice and Pants: Queering the Conventional Gamer Mouse for Cooperative Play
S Harrer, S Nielsen, P Jarnfelt
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From loss and grief to game design: Working with the experience of bereaved mothers
S Harrer
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Cunt touch this: a conversation on intimate design and embarrassment
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S Harrer
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We are the Champions? Performing whiteness in ASCENSION: DAWN OF CHAMPIONS
S Harrer
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Designing Global Empowerment? Activist Self-Narratives in Culturally Mixed Settings
S Harrer
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Game design for cultural studies: an experiential approach to critical thinking
S Harrer
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Playing at Knowing Ancient Egypt: The Tourist Gaze in Assassin's Creed: Origins
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Challenging Systems of Play: Towards game design ethics for transgender allyship
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Between Pleasure and Power: Game Design Patterns in Clickbait Ludoporn
C Passmore, S Harrer, K Spiel
DiGRA digital library, 2020
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