Markus Ovaska
Markus Ovaska
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Avalanches in wood compression
T Mäkinen, A Miksic, M Ovaska, MJ Alava
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Quenched pinning and collective dislocation dynamics
M Ovaska, L Laurson, MJ Alava
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Predicting sample lifetimes in creep fracture of heterogeneous materials
J Koivisto, M Ovaska, A Miksic, L Laurson, MJ Alava
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Deformation and fracture of echinoderm collagen networks
M Ovaska, Z Bertalan, A Miksic, M Sugni, C Di Benedetto, C Ferrario, ...
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Excitation spectra in crystal plasticity
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Worm spreading with immunization: An interplay of spreading and immunity time scales
M Peltomäki, M Ovaska, M Alava
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Predicting creep failure from cracks in a heterogeneous material using acoustic emission and speckle imaging
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A surface topography analysis of the curling stone curl mechanism
V Honkanen, M Ovaska, MJ Alava, L Laurson, AJ Tuononen
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Multiscale imaging of wear tracks in ice skate friction
M Ovaska, AJ Tuononen
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Influence of strain rate, temperature and fatigue on the radial compression behaviour of Norway spruce
C Moilanen, T Björkqvist, M Ovaska, J Koivisto, A Miksic, BA Engberg, ...
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Collective dynamics of dislocations interacting with mobile solute atoms
M Ovaska, T Paananen, L Laurson, MJ Alava
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Propagating bands of plastic deformation in a metal alloy as critical avalanches
T Mäkinen, P Karppinen, M Ovaska, L Laurson, MJ Alava
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Avalanches in 2D dislocation systems without applied stresses
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Predicting crackling noise in compressional deformation
L Viitanen, M Ovaska, MJ Alava, P Karppinen
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Thermal conductivity of wood: effect of fatigue treatment
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Intermittent crack growth in fatigue
R Kokkoniemi, A Miksic, M Ovaska, L Laurson, MJ Alava
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Joint modeling of thermal creep and radiation damage interaction with gas permeability and release dynamics: The role of percolation
M Ovaska, MJ Alava
Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications 436, 538-546, 2015
Review on tire-road-friction potential estimation technologies
AJ Tuononen, M Ovaska, A Niskanen
The IAVSD International Symposium on Dynamics of Vehicles on Roads and …, 2019
Avalanches in plastic deformation of materials
M Ovaska
Aalto University, 2016
Crack growth and energy dissipation in paper
M Hanifpour, T Mäkinen, J Koivisto, M Ovaska, MJ Alava
Scientific Reports 8 (1), 17334, 2018
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