Jongho Kim
Jongho Kim
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An overview of current applications, challenges, and future trends in distributed process-based models in hydrology
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On the nonuniqueness of sediment yield at the catchment scale: The effects of soil antecedent conditions and surface shield
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Environmental stochasticity controls soil erosion variability
J Kim, VY Ivanov, S Fatichi
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A holistic, multi-scale dynamic downscaling framework for climate impact assessments and challenges of addressing finer-scale watershed dynamics
J Kim, VY Ivanov
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Soil erosion assessment—Mind the gap
J Kim, VY Ivanov, S Fatichi
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VYI M. Chase Dwelle, Jongho Kim, Khachik Sargsyan
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On the non-uniqueness of the hydro-geomorphic responses in a zero-order catchment with respect to soil moisture
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Improving the accuracy of dam inflow predictions using a long short-term memory network coupled with wavelet transform and predictor selection
TD Tran, VN Tran, J Kim
Mathematics 9 (5), 551, 2021
Quantification of predictive uncertainty with a metamodel: Toward more efficient hydrologic simulations
VN Tran, J Kim
Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment 33, 1453-1476, 2019
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