Brian D. Iverson
Brian D. Iverson
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Review of high-temperature central receiver designs for concentrating solar power
CK Ho, BD Iverson
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Recent advances in microscale pumping technologies: a review and evaluation
BD Iverson, SV Garimella
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Supercritical CO2 Brayton cycles for solar-thermal energy
BD Iverson, TM Conboy, JJ Pasch, AM Kruizenga
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MT Dunham, BD Iverson
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KM Powell, K Rashid, K Ellingwood, J Tuttle, BD Iverson
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System-level simulation of a solar power tower plant with thermocline thermal energy storage
SM Flueckiger, BD Iverson, SV Garimella, JE Pacheco
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Heat and mass transport in heat pipe wick structures
BD Iverson, TW Davis, SV Garimella, MT North, SS Kang
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Thermal and mechanical properties of nitrate thermal storage salts in the solid-phase
BD Iverson, ST Broome, AM Kruizenga, JG Cordaro
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High Aspect Ratio Carbon Nanotube Membranes Decorated with Pt Nanoparticle Urchins for Micro Underwater Vehicle Propulsion via H2O2 Decomposition
KM Marr, B Chen, EJ Mootz, J Geder, M Pruessner, BJ Melde, ...
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CIP2A immunosensor comprised of vertically-aligned carbon nanotube interdigitated electrodes towards point-of-care oral cancer screening
S Ding, SR Das, BJ Brownlee, K Parate, TM Davis, LR Stromberg, ...
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BJ Brownlee, M Bahari, JN Harb, JC Claussen, BD Iverson
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A parametric study of the impact of various error contributions on the flux distribution of a solar dish concentrator
CE Andraka, J Yellowhair, BD Iverson
Energy Sustainability 43956, 565-580, 2010
Simulation of drop-size distribution during dropwise and jumping drop condensation on a vertical surface: Implications for heat transfer modeling
KA Stevens, J Crockett, D Maynes, BD Iverson
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Extending the upper temperature range of gas chromatography with all-silicon microchip columns using a heater/clamp assembly
A Ghosh, JE Johnson, JG Nuss, BA Stark, AR Hawkins, LT Tolley, ...
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Thermally developing electroosmotic convection in rectangular microchannels with vanishing Debye-layer thickness
BD Iverson, D Maynes, BW Webb
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Improving sensitivity of electrochemical sensors with convective transport in free-standing, carbon nanotube structures
BJ Brownlee, KM Marr, JC Claussen, BD Iverson
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Economic optimization of a concentrating solar power plant with molten-salt thermocline storage
SM Flueckiger, BD Iverson, SV Garimella
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Total hemispherical apparent radiative properties of the infinite V-groove with specular reflection
RB Mulford, NS Collins, MS Farnsworth, MR Jones, BD Iverson
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Effects of discrete-electrode configuration on traveling-wave electrohydrodynamic pumping
BD Iverson, L Cremaschi, SV Garimella
Microfluidics and nanofluidics 6, 221-230, 2009
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