Anssi Krooks
Anssi Krooks
Expert, National Land Survey of Finland
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Analysis of incidence angle and distance effects on terrestrial laser scanner intensity: Search for correction methods
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Seamless mapping of river channels at high resolution using mobile LiDAR and UAV-photography
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Topographic and distance effects in laser scanner intensity correction
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Brief communication" Application of mobile laser scanning in snow cover profiling"
S Kaasalainen, H Kaartinen, A Kukko, K Anttila, A Krooks
The Cryosphere 5 (1), 135-138, 2011
Indirect emissions of forest bioenergy: detailed modeling of stump‐root systems
J Liski, S Kaasalainen, P Raumonen, A Akujärvi, A Krooks, A Repo, ...
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Radiometric calibration of TLS intensity: Application to snow cover change detection
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International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial …, 2011
Automated 3D scene reconstruction from open geospatial data sources: Airborne laser scanning and a 2D topographic database
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Tree root system characterization and volume estimation by terrestrial laser scanning and quantitative structure modeling
A Smith, R Astrup, P Raumonen, J Liski, A Krooks, S Kaasalainen, ...
Forests 5 (12), 3274-3294, 2014
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