Jane Cowles
Jane Cowles
Department of Ecology, Evolution and Behavior, University of Minnesota
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Biodiversity and ecosystem functioning
D Tilman, F Isbell, JM Cowles
Annual review of ecology, evolution, and systematics 45, 471-493, 2014
Linking the influence and dependence of people on biodiversity across scales
F Isbell, A Gonzalez, M Loreau, J Cowles, S Díaz, A Hector, GM Mace, ...
Nature 546 (7656), 65-72, 2017
Spatial convergent cross mapping to detect causal relationships from short time series
AT Clark, H Ye, F Isbell, ER Deyle, J Cowles, GD Tilman, G Sugihara
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Plant diversity effects on soil microbial functions and enzymes are stronger than warming in a grassland experiment
K Steinauer, D Tilman, PD Wragg, S Cesarz, JM Cowles, K Pritsch, ...
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Quantifying effects of biodiversity on ecosystem functioning across times and places
F Isbell, J Cowles, LE Dee, M Loreau, PB Reich, A Gonzalez, A Hector, ...
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Shifting grassland plant community structure drives positive interactive effects of warming and diversity on aboveground net primary productivity
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When do ecosystem services depend on rare species?
LE Dee, J Cowles, F Isbell, S Pau, SD Gaines, PB Reich
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Climate warming promotes species diversity, but with greater taxonomic redundancy, in complex environments
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Think ratio! A stoichiometric view on biodiversity–ecosystem functioning research
H Hillebrand, JM Cowles, A Lewandowska, DB Van de Waal, C Plum
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Effects of increased temperature on plant communities depend on landscape location and precipitation
J Cowles, B Boldgiv, P Liancourt, PS Petraitis, BB Casper
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rEDM: Applications of empirical dynamic modeling from time series
H Ye, A Clark, E Deyle, S Munch, J Cai, J Cowles, Y Daon, A Edwards, ...
R package version 0.7 1, 2018
Nitrogen Deposition and Terrestrial Biodiversity
M Clark Christopher, B Yongfei, D Bowman William, M Cowles Jane, ...
Lost in trait space: species-poor communities are inflexible in properties that drive ecosystem functioning
A Vogel, P Manning, MW Cadotte, J Cowles, F Isbell, ALC Jousset, ...
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Community diversity outweighs effect of warming on plant colonization
JA Catford, JM Dwyer, E Palma, JM Cowles, D Tilman
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A universal scaling method for biodiversity-ecosystem functioning relationships
KE Barry, GA Pinter, JW Strini, K Yang, IG Lauko, SA Schnitzer, AT Clark, ...
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A graphical null model for scaling biodiversity–ecosystem functioning relationships
KE Barry, GA Pinter, JW Strini, K Yang, IG Lauko, SA Schnitzer, AT Clark, ...
Journal of Ecology 109 (3), 1549-1560, 2021
Detecting biodiversity impacts on productivity in natural systems
JM Cowles, AT Clark, F Isbell
2017 ESA Annual Meeting (August 6--11), 2017
Indicators of a drier environment: Soil bacterial diversity in the Mongolian steppe is influenced more by soil moisture and than by the surrounding plant community
A MacRae-Crerar, JM Cowles, E Johnston, P Liancourt, LA Spence, ...
101st ESA Annual Meeting (August 7--12, 2016), 2016
Mechanisms of Coexistence: Implications for Biodiversity-Ecosystem Functioning Relationships in a Changing World
J Cowles
Zooming out to better understand the consequences of biodiversity change
K Barry, G Pinter, J Strini, K Yang, I Lauko, SA Schnitzer, AT Clark, ...
2020 ESA Annual Meeting (August 3-6), 0
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