Kyle Hickmann
Kyle Hickmann
Staff Scientist, Computational Physics, Los Alamos National Laboratory
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Comparing dengue and chikungunya emergence and endemic transmission in A. aegypti and A. albopictus
CA Manore, KS Hickmann, S Xu, HJ Wearing, JM Hyman
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Forecasting the 2013–2014 influenza season using Wikipedia
KS Hickmann, G Fairchild, R Priedhorsky, N Generous, JM Hyman, ...
PLoS Comput Biol 11 (5), e1004239, 2015
Results from the centers for disease control and prevention’s predict the 2013–2014 Influenza Season Challenge
M Biggerstaff, D Alper, M Dredze, S Fox, ICH Fung, KS Hickmann, ...
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Data assimilation in the ADAPT photospheric flux transport model
KS Hickmann, HC Godinez, CJ Henney, CN Arge
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Forecasting seasonal influenza with a state-space SIR model
D Osthus, KS Hickmann, PC Caragea, D Higdon, SY Del Valle
The annals of applied statistics 11 (1), 202, 2017
Epidemic forecasting is messier than weather forecasting: the role of human behavior and internet data streams in epidemic forecast
KR Moran, G Fairchild, N Generous, K Hickmann, D Osthus, ...
The Journal of infectious diseases 214 (suppl_4), S404-S408, 2016
A network-patch methodology for adapting agent-based models for directly transmitted disease to mosquito-borne disease
CA Manore, KS Hickmann, JM Hyman, IM Foppa, JK Davis, DM Wesson, ...
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A path-based distance for street map comparison
M Ahmed, BT Fasy, KS Hickmann, C Wenk
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Transmission eigenvalues and thermoacoustic tomography
D Finch, KS Hickmann
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Unique determination of acoustic properties from thermoacoustic data
KS Hickmann
Understanding the impact of face mask usage through epidemic simulation of large social networks
SM Mniszewski, SY Del Valle, R Priedhorsky, JM Hyman, KS Hickman
Theories and simulations of complex social systems, 97-115, 2014
Interior transmission eigenvalue problem with refractive index having C2-transition to the background medium
KS Hickmann
Applicable Analysis 91 (9), 1675-1690, 2012
Optimizing human activity patterns using global sensitivity analysis
G Fairchild, KS Hickmann, SM Mniszewski, SY Del Valle, JM Hyman
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A multiresolution ensemble Kalman filter using the wavelet decomposition
KS Hickmann, HC Godinez
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Scale-dependent data assimilation of solar photospheric magnetic field
KS Hickmann, HC Godinez, CJ Henney, CN Arge
IFAC-PapersOnLine 49 (18), 193-198, 2016
The interior transmission spectrum in one dimension
KS Hickmann
Inverse problems 28 (11), 115007, 2012
Code Verification Capabilities and Assessments in Support of ASC V&V Level 2 Milestone# 6035
SW Doebling, JL Budzien, JM Ferguson, ML Harwell, KS Hickmann, ...
Los Alamos National Lab.(LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States), 2017
Quantifying Uncertainty in Stochastic Models with Parametric Variability
KS Hickmann, JM Hyman, SY Del Valle
arXiv preprint arXiv:1503.01401, 2015
Particle image velocimetry analysis with simultaneous uncertainty quantification using Bayesian neural networks
M Morrell, K Hickmann, B Wilson
arXiv e-prints, arXiv: 2012.00642, 2020
Spectral sensitivity to perturbative modes in cylindrical implosion simulations
G Meadows, B Wilson, J Sauppe, K Hickmann
Bulletin of the American Physical Society, 2020
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