Senja Laakso
Senja Laakso
University lecturer, Tampere University
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Moving beyond disruptive innovation: A review of disruption in sustainability transitions
P Kivimaa, S Laakso, A Lonkila, M Kaljonen
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S Laakso
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Literature review on residues of anticoagulant rodenticides in non-target animals
S Laakso, K Suomalainen, S Koivisto
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S Laakso
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Kohtuuden rajat? Yksin asuvien perusturvan saajien elintaso ja materiaalijalanjälki
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Kela, 2014
Resource use of low-income households—Approach for defining a decent lifestyle?
M Lettenmeier, S Lähteenoja, T Hirvilammi, S Laakso
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Editing out unsustainability from consumption: From information provision to nudging and social practice theory
E Heiskanen, S Laakso
A Research Agenda for Sustainable Consumption Governance, 156-171, 2019
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