Stelios Andreou
Stelios Andreou
Professor of Prehistoric Archaeology, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
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Review of Aegean prehistory V: the Neolithic and Bronze Age of northern Greece
S Andreou, M Fotiadis, K Kotsakis
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Technology transfer at the periphery of the Mycenaean world: the cases of Mycenaean pottery found in central Macedonia (Greece) and the Plain of Sybaris (Italy)
J Buxeda i Garrigós, RE Jones, V Kilikoglou, ST Levi, Y Maniatis, ...
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A bottom-up view of food surplus: using stable carbon and nitrogen isotope analysis to investigate agricultural strategies and diet at Bronze Age Archontiko and Thessaloniki …
E Nitsch, S Andreou, A Creuzieux, A Gardeisen, P Halstead, V Isaakidou, ...
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Exploring the patterns of power in the Bronze Age settlements of northern Greece
S Andreou
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Η προϊστορική Τούμπα της Θεσσαλονίκης. Παλιά και νέα ερωτήματα
S Andreou, K Kotsakis
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Northern Aegean
S Andreou
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Gold and gold working in Late Bronze Age northern Greece
M Vavelidis, S Andreou
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Small scale purple-dye production in the Bronze Age of Northern Greece: the evidence from the Thessaloniki Toumba
R Veropoulidou, S Andreou, K Kotsakis
Stratified Wheel Made Pottery Deposits and Absolute Chronology of the Late Bronze Age to the Early Iron Age Transition at Thessaloniki Toumba
S Andreou
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Counting people in an artefactpoor landscape: The Langadas case, Macedonia, Greece
S Andreou, K Kotsakis
Reconstructing Past Population Trends in Mediterranean Europe (3000 BC–AD …, 1999
Tradition and innovation in the Bronze Age pottery of the Thessaloniki Toumba
S Andreou, K Psaraki
The Struma/Strymon River Valley in Prehistory. Proceedings of the …, 2007
The landscapes of modern Greek Aegean prehistory
S Andreou
Prehistorians round the pond: reflections on Aegean prehistory as a …, 2005
Smelly barbarians or perfumed natives? An investigation of oil and ointment use in Late Bronze Age northern Greece
S Andreou, G Jones, C Heron, V Kiriatzi, K Psaraki, M Roumpou, ...
Proceedings of the symposium ‘‘Subsistence, economy and society in the Greek …, 2010
Acts of destruction and acts of preservation: plants in the ritual landscape of Prehistoric Greece
E Margaritis
PHYSIS. L’environnement naturel et la relation homme-milieu dans le monde …, 2012
Mykinaiki parousia? Mykinaiki periphereia? I Toumba Thessalonikis, mia thesi tis epochis chalkou sti Makedonia
S Andreou, K Kotsakis
Periphereia tou Mykinaıkou Kosmou, Ipourgeio Politismou, Lamia, 107-116, 1999
Αμπελοκαλλιέργεια στην προϊστορική Μακεδονία. Τα δεδομένα της προϊστορικής Τούμπας Θεσσαλονίκης (Viticulture in prehistoric Macedonia; the archaeobotanical evidence from Toumba …
M Mangafa, K Kotsakis, S Andreou
History of the Grape Vine and Viticulture in Macedonia and Thrace, 158-169, 1998
Diastaseis tou chorou stin Kentriki Makedonia: Apotyposi tis endokoinotikis kai diakoinotikis choroorganosis
S Andreou, K Kotsakis
Amitos. Timitikos tomos gia ton Kathigiti M. Androniko, Aristoteleio …, 1986
Mycenaean and mycenaeanising pottery across the Mediterranean: A multi-scale approach to technological mobility, transmission and appropriation
E Kiriatzi, S Andreou
Human Mobility and Technological Transfer in Prehistoric Mediterranean, 128-53, 2016
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