Marja Lindholm
Marja Lindholm
Postdoc, PhD in Geography, University of Oulu
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Global patterns in the metacommunity structuring of lake macrophytes: regional variations and driving factors
J Alahuhta, M Lindholm, CP Bove, E Chappuis, J Clayton, M De Winton, ...
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No biotic homogenisation across decades but consistent effects of landscape position and pH on macrophyte communities in boreal lakes
M Lindholm, J Alahuhta, J Heino, H Toivonen
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Macroecology of macrophytes in the freshwater realm: Patterns, mechanisms and implications
J Alahuhta, M Lindholm, L Baastrup-Spohr, J García-Girón, M Toivanen, ...
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Changes in the functional features of macrophyte communities and driving factors across a 70-year period
M Lindholm, J Alahuhta, J Heino, J Hjort, H Toivonen
Hydrobiologia 847 (18), 3811-3827, 2020
Different species trait groups of stream diatoms show divergent responses to spatial and environmental factors in a subarctic drainage basin
M Lindholm, M Grönroos, J Hjort, SM Karjalainen, L Tokola, J Heino
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Quantifying alpha, beta and gamma geodiversity
H Tukiainen, T Maliniemi, J Alahuhta, J Hjort, M Lindholm, H Salminen, ...
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J García‐Girón, M Lindholm, J Heino, H Toivonen, J Alahuhta
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Spatial and temporal ecological uniqueness of Andean diatom communities are correlated with climate, geodiversity and long-term limnological change
X Benito, A Vilmi, M Luethje, ML Carrevedo, M Lindholm, SC Fritz
Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, 260, 2020
Spatial and temporal trends in different dimensions of macrophyte biodiversity in boreal lakes
M Lindholm
Nordia Geographical Publications 50 (1), 1-63, 2021
Geodiversity uniqueness as a new approach to quantifying geofeature patterns
H Tukiainen, J Alahuhta, J García-Girón, J Hjort, J Kemppinen, ...
EGU23, 2023
Alueelliset ja ajalliset trendit vesikasvien monimuotoisuuden eri tasoilla boreaalisissa järvissä
M Lindholm
Alue ja Ympäristö 50 (1), 148-152, 2021
Quantifying geodiversity with alpha, beta and gamma components
H Tukiainen, J Alahuhta, J Hjort, M Lindholm, T Maliniemi, H Salminen, ...
EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts, EGU21-5176, 2021
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