Praveen Yalagandula
Praveen Yalagandula
Senior Researcher, HP Labs
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DevoFlow: Scaling flow management for high-performance networks
AR Curtis, JC Mogul, J Tourrilhes, P Yalagandula, P Sharma, S Banerjee
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Spain: Cots data-center ethernet for multipathing over arbitrary topologies.
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Method and system for background replication of data objects
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PRACTI Replication.
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Distributing decision making in a centralized flow routing system
J Tourrilhes, P Yalagandula, P Sharma, JC Mogul, S Banerjee
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API design challenges for open router platforms on proprietary hardware
JC Mogul, P Yalagandula, J Tourrilhes, R McGeer, S Banerjee, T Connors, ...
Oct, 2008
The potential costs and benefits of long-term prefetching for content distribution
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S3 a scalable sensing service for monitoring large networked systems
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Network routing based on MAC address subnetting
P Yalagandula, J Mudigonda
US Patent 8,175,107, 2012
STAR: Self-Tuning Aggregation for Scalable Monitoringˆ—
N Jain, D Kit, P Mahajan, P Yalagandula, M Dahlin, Y Zhang
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Beyond Availability: Towards a Deeper Understanding of Machine Failure Characteristics in Large Distributed Systems.
P Yalagandula, S Nath, H Yu, PB Gibbons, S Seshan
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Bandwidth-aware routing in overlay networks
SJ Lee, S Banerjee, P Sharma, P Yalagandula, S Basu
IEEE INFOCOM 2008-The 27th Conference on Computer Communications, 1732-1740, 2008
Minimizing rulesets for TCAM implementation
R McGeer, P Yalagandula
IEEE INFOCOM 2009, 1314-1322, 2009
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