Massimiliano Lega
Massimiliano Lega
University of Naples
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Detection of environmental hazards through the feature-based fusion of optical and SAR data: A case study in southern Italy
A Errico, CV Angelino, L Cicala, G Persechino, C Ferrara, M Lega, ...
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Aerial infrared thermography in the surface waters contamination monitoring
M Lega, RMA Napoli
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Environmental impacts characterization of packaging waste generated by urban food delivery services. A big-data analysis in Jing-Jin-Ji region (China)
G Liu, F Agostinho, H Duan, G Song, X Wang, BF Giannetti, R Santagata, ...
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Integrated hierarchical geo-environmental survey strategy applied to the detection and investigation of an illegal landfill: A case study in the Campania Region (Southern Italy)
V Di Fiore, G Cavuoto, M Punzo, D Tarallo, M Casazza, SM Guarriello, ...
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IDES project: a new effective tool for safety and security in the environment
F Gargiulo, G Persechino, M Lega, A Errico
International Conference on Algorithms and Architectures for Parallel …, 2013
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