Arron Lacey
Arron Lacey
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Weight change associated with antiepileptic drugs
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Using natural language processing to extract structured epilepsy data from unstructured clinic letters: development and validation of the ExECT (extraction of epilepsy clinical …
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Severe symptomatic aortic stenosis: medical therapy and transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI)—a real-world retrospective cohort analysis of outcomes and cost …
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Educational attainment of children born to mothers with epilepsy
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Cohort profile: the housing regeneration and health study
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Epilepsy mortality in Wales during COVID-19
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HbA1c measurement and relationship to incident stroke
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Markup: a web-based annotation tool powered by active learning
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Equity in healthcare for coronary heart disease, Wales (UK) 2004–2010: A population-based electronic cohort study
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Factors affecting the choice of first-line therapy in Parkinson’s disease patients in Wales: a population-based study
K Orayj, A Akbari, A Lacey, M Smith, O Pickrell, EL Lane
Saudi Pharmaceutical Journal 29 (2), 206-212, 2021
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