Xiaofeng Zheng
Xiaofeng Zheng
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WNT4 is required for normal ovarian follicle development and female fertility
A Boyer, É Lapointe, X Zheng, RG Cowan, H Li, SM Quirk, FJ DeMayo, ...
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INO80 facilitates pluripotency gene activation in embryonic stem cell self-renewal, reprogramming, and blastocyst development
L Wang, Y Du, JM Ward, T Shimbo, B Lackford, X Zheng, Y Miao, B Zhou, ...
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Fip1 regulates mRNA alternative polyadenylation to promote stem cell self‐renewal
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TRIM28 regulates RNA polymerase II promoter-proximal pausing and pause release
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Acute depletion of Tet1-dependent 5-hydroxymethylcytosine levels impairs LIF/Stat3 signaling and results in loss of embryonic stem cell identity
JM Freudenberg, S Ghosh, BL Lackford, S Yellaboina, X Zheng, R Li, ...
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The THO complex regulates pluripotency gene mRNA export and controls embryonic stem cell self-renewal and somatic cell reprogramming
L Wang, YL Miao, X Zheng, B Lackford, B Zhou, L Han, C Yao, JM Ward, ...
Cell stem cell 13 (6), 676-690, 2013
Cnot1, Cnot2, and Cnot3 maintain mouse and human ESC identity and inhibit extraembryonic differentiation
X Zheng, R Dumitru, BL Lackford, JM Freudenberg, AP Singh, TK Archer, ...
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Role of transforming growth factor-b1 in gene expression and activity of estradiol and progesterone-generating enzymes in FSH-stimulated bovine granulosa cells
X Zheng, CA Price, Y Tremblay, JG Lussier, PD Carriere
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CDK phosphorylation of TRF2 controls t-loop dynamics during the cell cycle
G Sarek, P Kotsantis, P Ruis, D Van Ly, P Margalef, V Borel, XF Zheng, ...
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Transforming growth factor-β1 inhibits luteinization and promotes apoptosis in bovine granulosa cells
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RNA polymerase II promoter-proximal pausing in mammalian long non-coding genes
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CNOT3-dependent mRNA deadenylation safeguards the pluripotent state
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Knowledge-based analysis for detecting key signaling events from time-series phosphoproteomics data
P Yang, X Zheng, V Jayaswal, G Hu, JYH Yang, R Jothi
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Partially redundant functions of Adamts1 and Adamts4 in the perinatal development of the renal medulla
D Boerboom, JF Lafond, X Zheng, E Lapointe, L Mittaz, A Boyer, ...
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Integrative framework for identification of key cell identity genes uncovers determinants of ES cell identity and homeostasis
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A mitotic CDK5-PP4 phospho-signaling cascade primes 53BP1 for DNA repair in G1
XF Zheng, SS Acharya, KN Choe, K Nikhil, G Adelmant, SR Satapathy, ...
Nature communications 10 (1), 4252, 2019
Transcription coactivator Cited1 acts as an inducer of trophoblast-like state from mouse embryonic stem cells through the activation of BMP signaling
Y Xu, X Luo, Z Fang, X Zheng, Y Zeng, C Zhu, J Gu, F Tang, Y Hu, G Hu, ...
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Oct4GiP reporter assay to study genes that regulate mouse embryonic stem cell maintenance and self-renewal
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Use of genome-wide RNAi screens to identify regulators of embryonic stem cell pluripotency and self-renewal
X Zheng, G Hu
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ASFV transcription reporter screening system identifies ailanthone as a broad antiviral compound
Y Zhang, Z Zhang, F Zhang, J Zhang, J Jiao, M Hou, N Qian, D Zhao, ...
Virologica Sinica 38 (3), 459-469, 2023
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