Ernst Jan R. Vesseur
Ernst Jan R. Vesseur
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Direct observation of plasmonic modes in Au nanowires using high-resolution cathodoluminescence spectroscopy
EJR Vesseur, R de Waele, M Kuttge, A Polman
Nano letters 7 (9), 2843-2846, 2007
Experimental verification of n= 0 structures for visible light
EJR Vesseur, T Coenen, H Caglayan, N Engheta, A Polman
Physical review letters 110 (1), 013902, 2013
Directional emission from plasmonic Yagi–Uda antennas probed by angle-resolved cathodoluminescence spectroscopy
T Coenen, EJR Vesseur, A Polman, AF Koenderink
Nano letters 11 (9), 3779-3784, 2011
Local density of states, spectrum, and far-field interference of surface plasmon polaritons probed by cathodoluminescence
M Kuttge, EJR Vesseur, AF Koenderink, HJ Lezec, HA Atwater, ...
Physical Review B 79 (11), 113405, 2009
Loss mechanisms of surface plasmon polaritons on gold probed by cathodoluminescence imaging spectroscopy.
M Kuttge, EJR Vesseur, J Verhoeven, HJ Lezec, HA Atwater, A Polman
Applied Physics Letters 93 (11), 113110, 2008
Surface plasmon polariton modes in a single-crystal Au nanoresonator fabricated using focused-ion-beam milling
EJR Vesseur, R De Waele, HJ Lezec, HA Atwater, FJ García de Abajo, ...
Applied Physics Letters 92 (8), 083110, 2008
Modal Decomposition of Surface− Plasmon Whispering Gallery Resonators
EJR Vesseur, FJ García de Abajo, A Polman
Nano letters 9 (9), 3147-3150, 2009
Plasmonic modes of annular nanoresonators imaged by spectrally resolved cathodoluminescence
CE Hofmann, EJR Vesseur, LA Sweatlock, HJ Lezec, FJ García de Abajo, ...
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Angle-resolved cathodoluminescence spectroscopy
T Coenen, EJR Vesseur, A Polman
Applied Physics Letters 99 (14), 143103, 2011
Broadband Purcell enhancement in plasmonic ring cavities
EJR Vesseur, FJG de Abajo, A Polman
Physical Review B 82 (16), 165419, 2010
Imaging the hidden modes of ultrathin plasmonic strip antennas by cathodoluminescence
ES Barnard, T Coenen, EJR Vesseur, A Polman, ML Brongersma
Nano letters 11 (10), 4265-4269, 2011
Deep subwavelength spatial characterization of angular emission from single-crystal Au plasmonic ridge nanoantennas
T Coenen, EJR Vesseur, A Polman
ACS nano 6 (2), 1742-1750, 2012
Plasmonic whispering gallery cavities as optical nanoantennas
EJR Vesseur, A Polman
Nano letters 11 (12), 5524-5530, 2011
Plasmonic excitation and manipulation with an electron beam
EJR Vesseur, J Aizpurua, T Coenen, A Reyes-Coronado, PE Batson, ...
Mrs Bulletin 37 (8), 752-760, 2012
Fabry–Pérot resonators for surface plasmon polaritons probed by cathodoluminescence
M Kuttge, EJR Vesseur, A Polman
Applied Physics Letters 94 (18), 183104, 2009
Cathodoluminescence microscopy: Optical imaging and spectroscopy with deep-subwavelength resolution
T Coenen, BJM Brenny, EJ Vesseur, A Polman
Mrs Bulletin 40 (4), 359-365, 2015
Photoelectron imaging of modal interference in plasmonic whispering gallery cavities
P Melchior, D Kilbane, EJ Vesseur, A Polman, M Aeschlimann
Optics express 23 (25), 31619-31626, 2015
Metal-coated waveguide stretches wavelengths to infinity
W Cai
Physics 6, 1, 2013
Controlled spontaneous emission in plasmonic whispering gallery antennas
EJR Vesseur, A Polman
Applied Physics Letters 99 (23), 231112, 2011
Electron beam imaging and spectroscopy of plasmonic nanoantenna resonances
EJR Vesseur
Ph. D. Thesis, 2011
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